Friday, April 10, 2015



  1. He was a very learned and thoughtful man.

  2. Y'know, he emailed me one day.

    I had referenced him in a piece because he is an influence, but I called him a man of the right.

    This was maybe a year or so before anyone questioned my credentials as a progressive and maybe two years before he died.

    To my surprise he read what I wrote and sent me a note to say that he supported the Labor Party.


    This was a moment that made me question certain presumptions about "right" and "left."

    I owe this man something of a debt.

    1. It's always memorable the first time those presumptions are questioned, isn't it?

      As well as when certain others begin calling your own credentials into doubt.

      I remember for so many years I consciously refused to use the word "right" when I meant "correct," because I'd be damned if I was going to do a favor for those people who refused to grant my party the "ic" at the end of our name! ;)

      I'm still a liberal (but never a 'progressive'), still a Democrat (though I'll be voting for the first Republican of my life this year - Christopher Sawyer for Sheriff of Philadelphia), and maybe I've moved slightly 'right' (what is that, again?) on some issues over the past decade or so, but the most freeing thing was just finally getting the hell out of the extreme partisanship wrestling ring.

  3. Barry used to give updates of his condition on Facebook. He had an endearing quality and it was so very sad to see him fade. A very great man.