Monday, April 27, 2015

Orioles - White Sox Game Postponed (Updated)

Michael L.

Just so that no one gets the impression that the United States is free of violent insanity:
BALTIMORE — Police on Monday clashed with crowds of young people who tossed rocks and bricks at officers, looted stores and damaged police cruisers, injuring several officers.

baltimore oriolesPolice said that seven officers have been hurt in incidents that began near the Mondawmin Mall in the Reisterstown Road area. Some officers suffered broken bones and one officer was unresponsive, police said in an afternoon press conference.

Throughout the evening, groups of rioters continued to move south through the city. Television images showed youths jumping on a police cruiser and smashing the car’s windows. The crowds set fire to vehicles and at least one store. At one point, a group cut a fire department hose as firefighters were trying to extinguish a blaze at a CVS, police said...

The Baltimore Orioles announced they had postponed a game set for Monday evening against the Chicago White Sox.

Someone going under the name Kip Anderson emailed to call me a "racist" for this post.

This is for Kip:

This is actually a great tune.

Checker records, man!

Terrific stuff.

This is the heart of rock-n-roll.

Thank you, Kip.


  1. Replies
    1. Sadly, that isn't a joke.

      Because nobody from the Democratic party, and no-one from the organizations affiliated to the Democratic party, or the media who support the Democratic party, would ever contemplate the possibility that they are, in any way, responsible for this kind of thing.

    2. Democrats blame "society" for the behavior of individuals.

      They think that when some schmuck throws a brick through a window... it's our fault.

    3. The notion of 'personal responsibility' is anathema to most people on the Left.

      Except for people they don't like. Then it's fine. In fact; mandatory.

      Which suggests some sort of lack of logic. Or, possibly, dishonesty.

  2. "Looters carried off armloads of merchandise from liquor stores and a CVS pharmacy "

    Reminded me of a comment I saw about looting elsewhere, last year:

    "Why don't they ever carry away work boots?"

    heh...unPC I know but I had to share.

  3. Heard someone like a police official say many of these people, that complain of brutality on the streets, would shoot someone at a club at the drop of a hat.

    If so concerned with dead black kids, why so little effort and concern about black on black crime? The perception in the community, and the unquestioning believers, is that it's the police, but there's a failure to acknowledge and take responsibility for the culture, even if poverty exists.

    Wonder how this deceptive perception rose to national prominence, to divert how the conditions for blacks are ignored. They are taken for granted. Ironic, but places like Baltimore are usually run by black Democrats, who have poison the environment by demonizing Republicans and opposing any Republican idea, even ones they know would help.

    1. Cultural responsibility versus societal responsibility.

      The Left in the US argues that social disruptions have social causes, both economic and racial.

      {Tevye nods and says, "You're right."}

      The Right tends to argue that social disruptions are either caused by nefarious individuals or due to cultural disfunctions within the disrupted (disruptive?) community.

      {Tevye nods and says, "You are also right."}

      Mike says, "But, Tevya, they can't both be right?"

      Tevya says, "You are also right."


      Actually, there is much to be said for both sides of the discussion, but we should not allow humanitarian racists to demean the Black community of Baltimore by suggesting that their criminals hold no responsibility for their own behavior and that, somehow, their behavior is condoned by that larger community.

  4. Barak Obama's election ushered in an era of unity and racial tolerance. Repeat and rinse.

  5. I was laughing at CNN this morning while they lambasted the city for not doing more, not being 'more' prepared, not being more aggressive. That's priceless. If one cop yelled at one rioter they'd be calling for the entire city to be ethnically cleansed of all white people, to shut down the entire police force, the whole government and to put everything under the personal control of the Attorney General of the US and Al Sharpton. I say stand back and let it tire itself out. What's the worst? A few fires? At least the cops will be distracted from killing people in the back of a van for a while.

  6. This post inspired "Kip Anderson" to write me a personal email.

    Kips says this:

    Yes, you're a racist.

    I'm not surprised by your racist attitude towards the black community in Baltimore. If they and other minorities would just except their second class status all would be wonderful.

    Welcome to 21st century American politics.

    My entire comment was:

    Just so that no one gets the impression that the United States is free of violent insanity.

    And that makes me a "racist."

    1. MSNBC was accusing the black mayor, the black police and police chief, the black city council and the black media with.....being racist against black people.

      You can't make this up.

    2. Don't be too surprised when your blog is slandered as a racist, Zionist-Likudnik hate site in the blogosphere.

    3. "You can't make this up."
      Actually, they have to make it up in order to maintain their own shaky equilibrium.

    4. BTW, Trudy, MSNBC is "a place for politics." Not sure if you knew that. ;-)
      They want you to "lean forward," I presume, because it makes penetration easier.

    5. "Kips says this:

      Yes, you're a racist."

      Kip sounds like the life of the party. What a conversation starter!

  7. The New Black Panther party!

    I love those guys!

    Actually, the old Black Panther Party was not exactly "progressive," either.

    They were, in fact, violently authoritarian.

    Back in the day - when I was a tad more sympathetic - I read a history book wherein a high level member of the Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) was threatened by the Panthers in his office after the famous alliance between the two organizations; that is, after Stokely and Huey put their heads together.

    He said that he had faced down the guns of Klansmen during voter registration drives for Black people in the South, but never felt so threatened as when the Panthers came to enforce their own rules.