Friday, April 17, 2015

Racist Heart


An old video but still catchy and true and it is important to keep Greens voters aware that there is a real issue with this party that can't be shrugged off with a few glib, comfortable, self indulgent furphies about "Palestinians" and "Settlers" as if this was a 1940's Western full of Cowboys and Indians.

And the bit players.

This video  is about four years old. Since then we've had Libya, Iraq and Syria. Tunisia, Iran, Lebanon, Afghanistan and Yemen. Gaza. Lebanon, Sudan, Darfur and Nigeria.  Again and again . Round after round. Missiles, attack tunnels and terrorism. War, murder, kidnapping and genocide. 

It can't all be Israel's fault. It is anti-Arab racism to say it is.

It also appropriate right now because the British branch of the Greens franchise has just declared as policy the cancellation of EU trade arrangements with Israel. Cool. Lift the sanctions on Iran.  No racism there.

Take any opportunity to confront Australians with what this is about. A charge of racism is a serious one. It should cause some reflection especially when it comes from people with good cause to know what they are talking about.

We know that leftists throw allegations of racism around like confetti but that is because of the type of people they are. Loose allegations of racism are contemptible.

No need for the rest of us to deprave the standard.  On the contrary it is more reason than ever to confront those who project their easy, lazy, bigotry on to the rest of us.

Who do the Greens side with in those old black and white films of theirs? Who do they hate. The Cowboys or the Indians? The Blacks, the Mexicans, the Chinese or the Jews? 

It doesn't really matter. Like the old Westerns this is racist to all. It is equal opportunity racism, perhaps the Greens most celebrated and jealously guarded  achievement. Their highest value. Back to the forties.

This is because they are progressives.

Hat tip Daphne Anson  .


  1. Sorry had to delete the first one big mistake

    This video is made by a very close friend of mine. It was made at the last State election 4 years ago when we worked our collective butts off to make sure Fiona Byrne, the Mayor of Marrickville, who instigated the Council BDS action, wasn't elected.
    We won. One friend was sued by the Greens. Huge story.

    I was in Court when the judgment was handed down and fortunately he had a very sympathetic Magistrate, who told the Marrickville Greens what she thought of them.

    Read my comment as it's the last paragraph of my speech and more.
    Lousy photo I was really overweight!!

    Phew when I think back that was about 6 months of very hard work an included getting the BDS action taken down.

    1. "Half way through my speech he asked me how much longer I was going to take and I told him ‘for as long as it takes and for as long as you keep quiet’”.

      I almost jumped out of my seat and pumped my fist when I read that!

  2. I was briefly a Green Party USA member toward the end of the 90s, but I rejoined the Democrats in order to oppose George W.

    My how times have changed.