Tuesday, January 5, 2016

A Few Thoughts on a Cool Morning

Michael L.

This is what Lumish sounds like getting over a cold at 7:30 in the morning.

It is just under 5 minutes in length with a quick stroll through some headlines from the Times of Israel and the Jerusalem Post.  I talk a bit about welcoming the demise of the Palestinian Authority, the fact that the New Israel Fund supports anti-Zionist organizations such as Breaking the Silence, and that ISIS needs to go away.


  1. Foreign Policy Magazine top 10 conflicts to watch in 2016


    "Arab-Iraeli" conflict doesn't make the list. The PLOtards and Hamastards are worried they're irrelevant.

    1. Yet anti-Jewish / anti-Israel sentiment is gaining fashion in the West.

      There is a rigid ideological model of thought strangulating the discussion around long war.

      What I appreciate about your contributions is your willingness to punch the f**k back.

    2. When the PLOMAS gets wind of it, they'll start something.