Sunday, January 31, 2016

A Response to Morgan Vendittelli

Michael L.

It happens much more rarely than I would have supposed, but every once in awhile a true anti-Jewish racist will come onto Israel Thrives and spit a little bile.

The most recent example is a comment from someone who goes under the moniker "Morgan Vendittelli" under my piece A Tree Living Without a Forest.

If you click on the link of Morgan's name you will see that it goes to a truly anti-Semitic website hosting this image:

jewish privilege

I like classic racists of the "ugly kind" such as Mr. Vendittelli because I find them to be much more honest and forthright than the insidious progressive-left kind that like to dress up their racism in the left-leaning language of social justice and human rights.

Look at the image above. It is simply unabashed hatred toward Jewish people and apparently, even, toward Jewish day school students.

So, knowing from the outset that Vendittelli is a stone-cold anti-Jewish racist, this is the comment that he left here:
Italy and Ireland don't have racist policies against Blacks and they don't kill thousands of Children.

3.5 Million People died in the Armenian Holocaust, they don't use that as an excuse to kill children or to exempt them from Nuclear weapons inspections by the UN.

It's time Israel changed it's ways. America is on the decline and wont have the ability to pay billions in Welfare to Israel. 
Israel should change.

Before you label me antisemitic consider that 5 million non jews also died in the Holocaust and the Germans also killed 25 million Russians.

No one uses those deaths to kill children.
The main thing to notice in the gibberish above is his focus on the alleged Jewish killing of children.

To this day the blood-libel remains a favorite theme among anti-Semites of both the classic variety, as represented by Vendittelli, as well as by progressive-left racists of the sort found on Daily Kos or the Guardian or the Huffington Post.

The modus operandi, as it has been for centuries now, is to accuse Jews of wantonly killing non-Jewish children strictly for the fun of it. In his brief few lines he accuses Jewish Israelis of killing children no less than three distinct times. The reason for this focus on the alleged Jewish crime of murdering innocent babies is to justify the ongoing violence against us. This violence, as always, has political aspects that serve to distract people from the genuine causes of the larger political failures within their own countries or communities.

The fact of the matter, of course, is that the IDF does more than any army in human history to avoid civilian casualties, which can be difficult given the loathsom Palestinian-Arab tendency to hide their fighters behind their children.

Venditelli, further, accuses Jews and / or the Jewish state of having "racist policies against Blacks."

I challenge him to show us just where in Israeli law there are embedded racist policies against Black people. In fact, given American Jewish support for the Civil Rights Movement of the 1950s and 1960s - not to mention our ongoing, but foolish, support for Barack Obama - to suggest that Jews, in general, are racist toward people of African descent is an appalling lie, but not a surprising one.

In any case, I invite Mr. Venditelli to expand on his ideas so that we can give them the consideration that they deserve.


  1. I suspect that Mr. Vendittelli's appearance here was a hit and run, a drive by shooting. I'll be surprised if he comes back, but then again, I've been surprised before.
    I did notice, however, that he borrowed the term "privilege" from progressives to put to use in his vile and ugly remarks. I think the accompanying image of jewish children is used to scare the shit out of us by letting us know he thinks of them as legitimate targets.

  2. Ummm, there are black Jews. And not just the Ethiopian Jews of Israel, many Black Jews in America attend Jewish schools. Say what you will about killing babies, but don't erase our beautiful Jewish rainbow!