Thursday, January 7, 2016

On The Having of Cake (and the eating of it, too.)

Michael L.

{Also published at Jews Down Under.}

The Times of Israel tells us that:
cake2"The Palestinian leadership on Wednesday demanded the Greek government act after two Arab passengers were expelled from an Israel-bound flight, saying the decision to remove the pair was “reminiscent” of apartheid.

Two Arab passengers with Israeli documents were forced off an Aegean Airlines flight before it set off from Athens to Tel Aviv on Sunday after Israeli Jews protested their presence.

After an initial complaint by passengers, the pair’s documents were checked again by Greek security but no issues were found. By that stage the protest had escalated, with dozens of passengers refusing to take their seats until the men were removed from the plane."

I have always had a fondness for moral dilemmas and, make no mistake, this incident is not nearly so black and white as many people, most particularly the Palestinian Authority, would have you believe.

Most westerners would suggest that this is a case of straight-up anti-Palestinian racism on the part of the Jewish passengers, thus we get this pithy observation in the comments:
Matthew Shirlock · Stanmore College

Only a racist will support this
Of course, others will use this alleged "racism" as an excuse to indulge in anti-Semitism.

And, therefore, we get this:
Lee Trotsky · Harvard University

Racist typical 
Thus the Jewish people, who are among the very least "racist" people on the planet, get smeared with the broad brush of bigotry.
Southend Mutombo · Wayne State University

This is wrong in so many levels If it happened to a Jew he would of owned the airline since they are Palestinian nobody want to make a big deal about it shame on Jews 
This is an interesting comment for a number of reasons.  Mr. Mutombo, of venerable Wayne State University, believes that this incident reflects poorly on all Jews, everywhere.  "Shame on Jews," he writes.

Yes. Yes. This incident tells us that Jews, in general, are terrible people and, furthermore, because we are so crafty and greedy "If it happened to a Jew he would of owned the airline...". {My emphasis.}

In the minds of the complaining passengers, however, their wariness of one of the Palestinian-Arabs is entirely justified:
An Israeli man who was among the passengers involved in the incident defended the the group’s actions on Wednesday, maintaining that the two Arab men were “scary” and that he and the other passengers believed they were terrorists.

The man, identified only by his first name, Nissim, told Army Radio that one of the two Arab passengers in particular “looked off and his body language was very threatening.”

“He had a penetrating and scary look,” Nissim said, claiming that a lot of other passengers were similarly spooked by the man.
I have two observations:

1)  The Palestinian Authority glorifies the murderers of Jews and then charges Jews with "racism" or "apartheid" when Jewish people thereby become wary of angry Arabs on planes. This is unjust.

2) The western governments have admonished their people to be careful ever since 9/11. However, when their citizenry takes them up on that advice they are often lambasted as "racist." This also unjust.

On The Having of Cake and Eating It, Too:

(The Hypocrisy of the Palestinian Authority)

The old cliche is that one cannot have one's cake and eat it, too, which is precisely what the Palestinian Authority wants to indulge in. They want to train the coming generation to the joyous wonders of violent, genocidal anti-Semitism while claiming that Jewish reaction to such violent, genocidal anti-Semitism represents "racism" and "apartheid."

And who wants "racism" and "apartheid"?

Everyone knows what you do to racist and apartheid states. You eliminate them. Just as Nazi Germany was taken down militarily, and apartheid South Africa was dismantled via the economic will of the international community, so Israel, too, must be shaken to its foundation until it crumbles and is replaced by yet another regressive, misogynistic, homophobic, anti-Semitic, theocratic, Muslim dictatorship.

Anything else, after all, would be unjust.

What I find most insidious about this tactic is that it is working exceedingly well among allegedly "anti-racist" western-progressives who - justified by that "anti-racism" - increasingly do not like Israel and therefore, inevitably, increasingly do not like Jews.

The truth of the matter is that if the hostile Arab majority throughout the Middle East did not teach their children that Jews are the sons and daughters of orangutans and swine, and that we deserve whatever beating that we get, these little incidents would not happen.

The Jews of the Middle East are in the midst of a "Stabbing Intifada" wherein young Palestinian-Arab men and women, boys and girls, think that stabbing random Jews on the streets of Jerusalem or Tel Aviv or Hebron, or running them down with their automobiles, is an act of piety in the eyes of Allah.

On The Having of Cake and Eating It, Too, Two:

(The Hypocrisy of Western Authorities)

Ever since Osama and friends kicked off the current round of Jihad on that fine September morning in lower Manhattan over ten years ago, the western governments have told their people to be wary and to report anything amiss. The airlines constantly tell us to alert authorities to any suspicious-looking packages, boxes or bags in their terminals.

I recently flew from San Francisco to Richmond, Virginia. When I passed through security, I went through the usual rigmarole of taking off shoes and storing them in a grey bin and removing laptop from bag and shaving gear and so forth for inspection. I removed my belt so as not to set off an alarm and allowed myself to be X-rayed in one of those crazy little booths with my hands above my head.

Normally at this point they pass me right through and Laurie gets nabbed for special inspection. I can be on line wearing my Osama bin Laden t-shirt and Che Guevara baseball cap, while smoking crack-cocaine, but inevitably Laurie gets yanked off the line. This time they yanked me for special attention and the officer ran a probe of some sort over the palms of both of my hands.

I said, "What is the purpose of this procedure, officer?"

He said, "To detect bomb making residue on your hands."


But the point is that you cannot scare the hell out of a population in order to justify the procedures that we all go through in airports and then turn around and claim that people who feel threatened for understandable reasons are loathsome "racists."

When 14 year old Ahmed Mohamed walked into his high school with a briefcase going "tick-tick-tick-tick" what would anyone expect? Nonetheless, suddenly everyone seemed to swing off their banana peels, screeching to the gods about racism.

I am sorry, but they cannot have it both ways.

The PA cannot incite genocidal hatred toward Jews and then complain when Jewish people are wary of glowering Arabs on planes headed to Israel from Europe.

Further, the western governments cannot instill fear and loathing into their people, request that they respond to apparent threats, and then accuse them of racism for responding to those apparent threats.


  1. Superb post!You outdo yourself with this one!

  2. It was the Greek Airline who had them removed. It was the Greek Airline which for some bizarre reason felt it had to apologize to the PLO for the actions it took against Arab Israeli citizens of Israel. If anyone should be outraged it's the Israeli government.

    1. I understand the two had to fly back to Israel on El AL. There's "racism" for ya.

  3. Mike,
    Let me second what Doodad said. Superb!
    You've cut to the heart of the choking sanctimony on display these days.

    1. We're all getting a bit fatigued by the never-ending whining and bullshit.

      I used to have considerable sympathy for the Palestinian-Arabs until I realized that not only have they zero sympathy for us, but many literally want to see Jews dead.

      Of course, I used to also have considerable sympathy for the western-left until I realized that many of them, if not most, are OK with the fact that so many Palestinian-Arabs want to see Jews dead.