Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Podcast # 10 - Anti-Zionist Gays Protesting Jewish Gays in Chicago and a few thoughts on a Vic Rosenthal piece

Michael L.

This podcast is only about five minutes long and it is concerned with two stories.

The first is from Times of Israel reporter Eric Cortellessa entitled, Protesters obstruct Jewish reception at gay rights convention.

The second is a piece by Vic Rosenthal over at Abu Yehuda entitled, The PLO can't be fixed.

Given how generally friendly western Jews have been toward the movement for Gay rights, it is vaguely nauseating to witness the worst forms of anti-Zionism burrowing their way into that movement.

Rosenthal, on a different topic, is directly on-point.
The PLO is possibly one of the most malign entities to come into being in the 20th century, no less than the Nazi party or the Stalinist soviet regime, albeit on a smaller scale. In the years from its founding in 1964 and through its unfortunate legitimization by Israel as the representative of the Palestinians – one of the two greatest strategic mistakes made by an Israeli government since the founding of the state – the PLO brought terrorism into the mainstream of international politics, started wars and destabilized governments. It always kept its primary objective foremost: to destroy Israel by killing Israeli Jews. Thanks to Oslo it now has the status of a governmental authority.


  1. The Holocaust:"White on white crime."

    Worth reading. Horrifying.

    h/t Mick Hartley.

  2. Also, briefly:

    Ir now is becoming normal for Western leaders to commemorate Holocaust Memorial Day by making speeches or sending messages which do not include the words "Jews" or " anti-Semitism."
    Justin Trudeau, for example.
    And Nicola Sturgeon in Scotland.
    I expect they are not alone in doing that.

    1. I just read that link. Now I feel slightly queasy.
      I knew what to expect, but it's still unutterably appalling.

      Just out of interest, can anyone explain the Stephen Spielberg thing? Is he completely deluded? Asking for myself, not a friend.

    2. Hi Randall,
      It's the sycophantic bilge about Obama in Mike's linked story I was referring to. I know this is Spielberg's usual line, but sometimes I do wonder what goes on in his head. How can anyone be that
      "worshipful" of someone that they have to behave like that?

    3. Hi Kate,

      I overlooked Mike's link. And yes, that was cringeworthy.

      My suspicion is that if Spielberg is well off, he considers that things must be OK for Jews in general.

    4. Funny how it's supposed to be OK to call Obama "the first Jewish President," but calling him the first Muslim President would be one huge no no.
      We live in interesting times featuring some very uninteresting people. And I'm referring partly to those demonstrators Mike talked about, and whom I reacted to in my comment below. Having just returned and seeing what I wrote I feel embarrassed. I was pretty darned angry, and just can't stand that "hey hey, ho ho" shit. I never could. It reminds me of "four legs good, two legs ba'a'a'ad." I'm deleting it.

  3. None of the 'victim' groups we supported are our friends. Time to look after ourselves. Caring for antisemites is not a Jewish value.

  4. The funny thing is that while the Jewish people need allies, the allies that we have, such as the Evangelicals, we tend not to like.

    We love the "allies" who do not like us, however.

    And we tend to support political parties that do not support us.

    I know of no other people who behave this way.

  5. No.
    I think as anti-Semitism is at its core fundamentally irrational, Jews' response to it is often equally so.
    Hope that clears it up for you, Mike. ;)

  6. PS Is it all right to temporarily give up and just succumb to depression?

    I'm considering taking up drinking.
    Sadly, no wine in the house.

  7. Apologies for waffling on in previous comments.

    This is an interesting article:

  8. A modest correction to that article: I often find it helpful, or at least therapeutic, to tell Israel-haters to fuck off.

    Sadly (but understandably), I've been banned from many sites. But, in the words of Kenny Wayne Shepherd:

    And I’m never lookin’ back
    I’ve seen all I need to see
    I don’t want no more of that
    Livin’ in the past
    I’m never lookin’ back, no