Friday, January 22, 2016

Podcast # 9 - Andrew Hammel, Anti-Jewish Violence at Kings College, and a "Palestinian of African Descent with Roots in Brazil."

Michael L.

This one is also about ten minutes long wherein I point to the blogging of Andrew Hammel, resident of Dusseldorf, concerning the German immigration crisis. This is a gentleman with something to say and I very much recommend checking him out.

I also talk a little bit about an article from Legal Insurrection concerning violent student protests against Jews Israel that, much like in the good old days of Nazi Germany, are becoming more and more fashionable on western college campuses. I have had my personal run-in with this kind of thing before at San Francisco State University which is among the most racist / anti-Semitic colleges in the United States.

Finally, I talk a little about the United Nation's "International Decade for People of African Descent" in which they used the event to highlight a woman who says that she is a "Palestinian of African Descent with Roots in Brazil."

I have no doubt that it is my own loathsome prejudices shining through but for the life of me I cannot imagine how a "Palestinian" can be not only of African descent, but also with roots in Brazil?

I always thought that the people who self-identify as "Palestinian" - once the Jews gave up that descriptor in favor of "Israeli" after the War of Independence in 1948 - to be Arabs?



  1. I don't think what Andrew Hammel is saying has any chance of happening. The only way anyone could be deported is if they were found to have committed serious criminal acts or had really problematic illegal papers. Germany has opened the door to people from several countries, not just Syria. Partly for humanitarian reasons, and partly because they require a huge number of people to sustain their economy. The possibility that large numbers of unskilled and under- educated people might not in reality turn out to be the best solution to Germany's economic problems in the twenty-first century will not make itself apparent for some time. Years.
    Hammel suggests major changes in German legislation would have to happen. That is not going to happen.
    There are certainly going to be cultural problems ahead for Germany, but there are no easy or obvious solutions to them.
    What might be true, and was spoken about in a speech yesterday by Manuel Valls, is that the pressures of the ongoing migrant crisis could bring about the end of the European Union as we know it. Europe has to work out how to secure its external borders, and that is something it does not know how to achieve. Also, there are many in the political class who oppose that.

    On other topics mentioned by Mike:

    By the way, when the story about what happened at Kings made the British newspapers, it was conspicuously absent in the Guardian.

  2. As more and more European countries build fences to keep out "refugees," I hear less and less about "the Wall."

  3. Has anyone here been able to sit through that entire Vox video history of the "Israeli-Palestinian" conflict posted at Elder's joint?

    1. I have no intention of trying.

    2. Seconded.

      I take my proverbial hat off to you for trying.
      I admire your dedication. ;)