Monday, January 11, 2016

Podcast # 6 - Another Morning News Tidbit

Michael L.

This is a quick look at the front page of the Times of Israel and the Jerusalem Post this morning, 7:45 AM, PST.

Times of Israel

Mein Kampf has been reissued in Germany

Left-wing MKs, activists blame government incitement for B’Tselem fire

David Bowie (RIP) - A dabbler in Kabbalah

Jerusalem Post

Hezbollah commanders say Russia directly arming them with long-range missiles

Marseilles Jewish man lightly wounded in machete attack

US voices displeasure with Israel's proposed ‘NGO Transparency Law’


  1. B'Tselem raises the specter of arson being responsible for a fire at their offices, and attributes it to a smear campaign against them, where upon they start smearing those who criticize them as being engaged in incitement. This is the left's potent weapon. So much for their higher moral standard.

    Indeed the fire could have been an act of arson, and it could have been perpetrated by some who doesn't care much for B'Tselem, but it is also within the realm of possibility with the prospect of a new NGO law that this was a false flag operation. I don't know it, but it wouldn't surprise me at all. It wouldn't surprise me if the authorities determine that it was arson but are unable to find the perpetrators, and that it will give some heft to B'Tselem's charges of "incitement." Would it ever occur to B'Tselem-istas that a lot of average good-hearted people are a bit fed up with some of the games they play under the mantle of "human rights?"

    There, I've said my bit.

  2. Mike, Jeff,
    Please read this. The quintessential Guardian article on the day Mein Kampf is reissued. It's just vile.

    h/t Mick Hartley.

    1. Corrected link:

    2. Hi Randall,
      Can't believe I did that again.
      Thanks so much for correcting it!
      Much appreciated. K.

    3. Well, I'm very grateful for that being the case. :)

    4. The article should have been titled: mein kampf makes an appearance at the Guardian

    5. Yes. It's really something, isn't it?
      The guy who wrote it is the economics editor at Channel 4 News. He's the perfect representative of our media and intelligentsia class. This is what they are. And they see nothing wrong in it. If you tried to point out their staggering racism and hatred, they would think you were mad. But they are dealing in hatred. Pure and simple.