Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Gav and the Hamas Embassy Riots

Gav Kostonov

{This is one of Gav's responses to the western-left push against Israel since the "Hamas Embassy Riots." The piece is a sort-of hypothetical synthesis of his discussions with those who honestly believe that Israel acted in an aggressive and disproportionate manner to unarmed activists. If any of you guys are interested in Gav's perspective, please look him up on Facebook. Oh, and by the way, I am taking credit for the phrase "Hamas Embassy Riots." That sounds about right. - ML}

Morons: Israel is killing unarmed protesters in Gaza!
Me: Those aren't protesters. Those are terrorists and they've been photographed and even filmed with weapons.
Morons: Prove it!
Me: Sure. Here's a link to PIJ claiming three of their men were killed in a firefight at the border. Here's another link showing a Hamas leader admitting that 50 of the 62 people killed were members of Hamas. All in all, that's 53 confirmed terrorists out of 62 dead Palestinians. Here's another link showing Mahmoud Al Zahrar talking about how Hamas has sold this event to the Western media as a peaceful protest as a deception and here is a video of Yahya Sinwar stating the goal of the demonstration is not peaceful protest but to storm the border and kill Jews under the guise of peaceful protest.
Morons: I don't trust Israeli sources.
Me: Every piece of information I just provided you came from Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad sources.
Morons: Well, there were children killed!
Me: Yeah, including a 16-year-old member of PIJ. Not exactly the image of innocent childhood.
Morons: But even a baby died!
Me: One, who brings a baby to one of these things? Two, the Palestinian doctor in Gaza who examined the baby thinks it died of causes unrelated to the riot. Here's a link.
Morons: Well they can't all be terrorists!
Me: Correct, here are some videos and quotes from the Washington Post and NPR showing that even "non-terrorist" protesters intend to storm the border and kill or burn Jews. Here's the link.
Morons: Well, they're angry. It's not hatred.
Me: Here's a picture of a man rigging an incendiary device to a kite with a swastika on it. Here's a snippet of the same man saying he wants Jews to be offended by it and know he wants to burn them.
Morons: Well, can you blame them considering how Israel has treated Palestinians?
Me: They're hatred and terrorism long predates the State of Israel. They sided with the Nazis and egged on the Holocaust in 1942 and committed massacres in 1936, 1929, 1920, even going as far back as 1834. That's two generations before political Zionism and 100 years before the State of Israel. What was their excuse then?
Morons: (blank drooling stare)


  1. Replies
    1. "Monkey State"?

      Y'know, it's not so long ago that I would have very much objected to such a comment. But my sympathies are spent. I have looked high and low for them and they are not to be found.

      I think that Israel should just block-off Gaza entirely. No comes in from Gaza to Israel and nothing goes into Gaza from Israel. No aid. No discussions. Period. We're done.

      If it were up to me.

      There is no reason that Egypt cannot provide food and medicine for Gaza. Or, better yet! The Gazans can provide for themselves.

      Holy shit!

      There's an idea.

      I suggest they consider the pursuit of agriculture.

    2. Gaza et al should become a permanent protectorate of the EU/UN in toto much like how Kosovo was created then 'managed' to semi-viability. Kosovo was torn out of existing nations and the EU overlayed a viceroyship on top of it. A literal colony of the Greater EU. They installed a viceroy with absolute power to enact or ignore any law he wanted. They poured in enough money to stabilize this new country to the point where no one was willing to keep fighting. And they created a permanent organization of foreign aid that replaced the entire indigenous economy. Kosovars are now, essentially paid to say home and procreate. Semi-viable because the country isn't big enough, doesn't have the resources or human capital to be self sufficient and it's unlikely it ever will. Since 1999 it has been subject to successive external governments with absolute authority over the internal affairs of Kosovo; UNSC 1244, PISG, EULEX and even though Kosovo declared its independence in 2008 which is partially recognized, they're STILL under UN legal control because the various parties in Kosovo won't agree to self rule.

      There is really no reason why, if the 1.8 million Kosovars have this that the 1.8 million Gazans (there's some dispute that that number could be up to 50% inflated) can't as well. Send in an EU/UN authority to do the job of running a country for them including all public services, all social services, the whole structure of everything. Social welfare nirvana. Give them EU passports and use the Euro as their currency - again just like Kosovo. If the socialists in Europe are right and Gaza turns into a magical place part Singapore, part Copenhagen, wonderful. I'll be the first to congratulate them. It has potential if only for its geographic location nestled on the Mediterranean and the kind of tourism it could attract.

      Because the options all seem worse for everyone involved. Worse for the Gazans, worse for Israel, worse for the UN and worse for the EU as it pours money down a rathole all in the name of Western European and Arab Jew Hatred. And if they eventually had some kind of Potemkin State they would at least have enough skin in the game to blanch from risking it in endless wars.

    3. Hamas is paying them to storm the border. They're making more per day than the Israel soldiers are for protecting it.

  2. I have to always remind myself that most people do not follow the conflict in the way that we do. They don't care any more about Israel than we do about Czech Republic. So when Israel pops up on the tube it's always in a negative light and they grew up with this. It's all they know about war against the Jews in the Middle East.

  3. Then there are the ones that know better, yet intentionally fan the flames, either to virtue signal or because they are fighting against some imagined monolithic power that justifies their deceptive and reckless conduct.

    1. I think it's probably the latter. This is because ultimately I am an optimist and, therefore, assume that most people don't act out of intentional malice.

      I had a moment that made me sad earlier today with a real-life friend who means entirely well, but who does not know much about the conflict. A FB friend of hers posted a link to an article that claimed -- as much of the media is claiming -- that Israel unnecessarily fired upon unarmed protesters.

      It broke my heart, I tell ya.

    2. The media is consumed with such nonsense. Please tell me which Western country would act with so much restraint under the same situation and I'll call you a liar. Then, of course, there all those countries which we know would never employ anything close to this much restraint.
      "Israel has the right to defend herself," you'll here them say, "but do they need to do this in such a heartless manner with no regard for innocent life?" Implicit in such an obnoxious statement or the like is the false assertion that Israel (and Jews) just don't care about 'innocent' life. This is antisemitism raising its ugly head. And as usual, the reverse is staring them straight in the face while they say it. To borrow from you, they simply refuse to acknowledge the obvious.

    3. We all fully know that pointing out any of this is silly, no? Of course it is. And to be fair, to be brutally coldly honest is it even accurate? WOULD Belgium push back? Would Spain? WOULD Canada? IF 40,000 people rioted in Munich WOULD the German government try to corral the violence or would they simply let the pogrom burn itself out?

      See it's not about tactics, it's never been about tactics. It's about the will to survive. I think most countries have lost that will. They don't care if they carry on or if they do what their country eventually looks like. In the UK the display of antisemitism is less about Jew hatred, which has always been there. It's about that they no longer care what their country is. They don't care if it's run by Nazis or ISIS or Robot Aliens from Space. What they care about is clinging to power and holding on to the benefits and cash that flow. That Corbyn and his coterie are out and out antisemites is but a small aspect of their overall indifference to the fascist nightmare they're watching their own country turn into. When England runs out of Jews, and it will, they'll move on to the next group to drive out. It's how this works.

  4. I'm a cord cutter but I still follow some tv streaming on Youtube. I have to say that apart from the usual suspects, the 'world's' response has been uncharacteristically muted. It seems that most people and most organizations are as worn out by the 'palestinians' as we are. A few years ago there would riots in downtown London calling for Trident missiles to be unleashed on Israel. There would be the usual gaggle congressional mutants standing on the steps outside shouting the usual nonsense.

    We expect CNN, MSNBC, NYT, WaPo, etc to be themselves. Antisemitism is a big part of their business models. We expect the UN to have their standard drunken parent brawl at Chuckie Cheese like they always do. It's not what they do, it's who they are. But on the whole, Israel has been given a free rein by 'the world'.

    The media is so laser focused on Trump hate, it doesn't have the bandwidth for anything else. For instance, I read today that Stormy Daniels' lawyer has been interviewed 147 times at various outlets in the last 10 weeks, 59 times by CNN alone. That's a huge investment in time and resources and not easy to change by mere 'news'. Especially if you're a 'news' station.

  5. Another thing Gav might mention to the morons is that if they think the death toll is high, imagine how much higher it would be if they succeeded in breaching the border. Then the IDF actually would have to shoot indiscriminately.
    BTW, where's all the vitriol by these hate junkies for Assad in Syria?
    But, you know, the morons want to pretend that Israel is attacking Gaza, not the other way around, that Israel really belongs to the Gazans, because they say it does.

  6. "Morons: But even a baby died!"
    A baby died in a war zone on planet earth? So it ain't so! Such a unique departure from the norm, for heaven's sake.

    "Morons: I don't trust Israeli sources."
    But they trust genocidal anitsemites who have been making their intentions known for decades. And they don't trust an open democratic country. Don't think this only means Israel.

  7. Harvard Law Professor Alan M. Dershowitz
    recently said:

    The most recent Hamas provocations — having 40,000 Gazans try to tear down the border fence and enter Israel with Molotov cocktails and other improvised weapons — are part of a repeated Hamas tactic that I have called the “dead baby strategy.”

    Hamas’ goal is to have Israel kill as many Gazans as possible so that the headlines always begin, and often end, with the body count.

    Why Does the Media Keep Encouraging Hamas Violence?
    by Alan Dershowitz, 2018 May 16

    NEW: Was Joshua an Orthodox Jew?

    NEW: Basic Middle East Facts:

    NEW: Analyzing Hitler:

  8. David Collier has a very interesting take on these recent events:

  9. Michael Oren has a take, too.

    Time to go on the offensive against those that push the narrative of the bad actors, for misleading people just as intended. They make it easy for the bad guys who commit grievous international crimes. They have no concern whatsoever about what is done to the people by Hamas. Israel is the target, and they will take advantage of ignorance to peddle and reinforce mistruth, about Israel and more, so long as they can deceive.

  10. Can you give a few of those PIJ/Hamas links as I want to write a letter to our WAY LEFT paper and town as well. Would like to back up the facts.
    Great article Gav and GREAT blog Mike. Love your "in your face" writing. Not on FB so can't pick up Gav's page. Thanx

    1. I have to tell ya, my anonymous friend, this is one of the things that I despise about FB discourse. I think that there is an absolute use for it, but the sourcing sucks.

      But I take this seriously.

      I almost did not publish for precisely the issue that you raise.

      Nonetheless, if you do a little digging you might find the correct material on your own.

    2. Will do...thanx

  11. Trump called MS-13 animals and now Dems are DEFENDING MS-13. That's the last straw for me. Dems are dangerous and stupider than dirt. Add that to the fact that they AND the MSM tried to say he was referring to all immigrants when he clearly wasn't and you can see why Trump and a large part of America chant "fake news," all the time. Then of course we have the current MSM Hamas propaganda about peaceful protesters in Gaza. This is all right out of hand I see no way it can be fixed. Pelosi and Schumer just handed Trump a huge campaign ad take when they defended MS-13. Are they freaking brain dead?

    1. Yes, Doodad, the Dems have now resorted to the shallow and adolescent tactics of college freshmen and sophomores. Trump speaks and their knees jerk.