Friday, May 18, 2018

Unarmed Protestors My Ass

Michael Lumish

If I hear or read any more people talking about "unarmed protestors" I am going to fucking scream. I had a personal real-world friend ask me the other day, "Mike, why is Israel killing unarmed protestors?"

I blame the New York Times.

I blame all of these media outlets that are lying to the public about the Jews of the Middle East.

And this is personal. I know that if this friend of mine believes - which he hopefully no longer does after our discussion - that Israel is killing unarmed protestors then he will think the less of that country. He will also think the less of the Jewish people because we represent that country. And he will think the less of me for standing up for such a savage people.

I am so pissed-off right now I could just spit.

The Western media took something beautiful, which was the embassy move to Jerusalem, and they are doing everything that they can possibly do to turn it into garbage.


  1. The media sound an awful lot like Hamas. Will they next be telling us that if your camel lies down at the full moon it means you'll have 10 strong sons?

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    1. Camera is an important organization.

      I fully respect and support them.

  3. Q: If you call a dog's tail a leg, how many legs does it have?

    A: Four! Calling the tail a leg doesn't make it one.

    Just as calling a dog's tail a leg doesn't make it a leg, calling the launch of incendiary kites peaceful doesn't make it peaceful. Calling an operation to kidnap and murder villagers peaceful does not make it peaceful. Calling people with guns and knives hidden under their shirts unarmed does not make them unarmed.

  4. Caroline Glick identifies the problem and has a solution in the penultimate paragraph:

  5. The Western media has never been kind to Israel but hate it even more now because Trump et al like it and have its back. Here's the thing. Even an honest media won't change anti-Israel minds. They are lost causes. And Israel could kill 1000 Hamas invaders and that would never diminish those who are pro-Israeli. So the question is are there a ton of "undecided," who could be influenced one way or another? I think not. The answer is go big or go home. Eliminate Hamas once and for all. Take the inevitable PR hit then sit back and enjoy the benefits of freeing the average Gazan citizenry for Hamas. The "narrative," will die when they start to flourish just like the "workers revolution," died when it turned out the workers just wanted a good life. Then make peace with them and help turn Gaza into a new French Riviera. Then wait for West Bankers to drool and hop on the promise of their gravy train if they make peace. 3 state solution.

    1. A State Party should refer the situation of Hamas war crimes to the Prosecutor as a precursor under the ICC statute. The Prosecutor should actually do it on her own, to stem the war crimes and grave breaches committed by these religious fanatics.

      It's probably going to take an Arab state to help convince Gazans it's okay to accept peace with Israel and be wealthy.

  6. PS credit to Trump for the "make peace and get rich," paradigm.

  7. Here's a lecture to Dave Rubin from some woman, I think her name is Free Speech My Ass. You're gonna just love it: