Wednesday, May 30, 2018

This Week on Nothing Left

Michael Burd and Alan Freedman are kicking ass on Nothing Left and I am always happy to join those guys for a chit-chat. You will find me at the 27 minute mark.

3 min Editorial: JCCV interfaith with Islamic Council of Victoria

9 min ICV vice-president at Nakba Day rally

27 min Michael Lumish, live on west coast of USA

51 min Efraim Inbar, Jerusalem Institute of Strategic Studies we ask 'Has the 2 State solution run it's course ?'

1 hr 16 min Stan Goodenough, Christian Zionist in Israel

1 hr 24 min David Schulberg, editorial on Mark Baker on Israel Connexion


  1. Welcome to the world of The New York Times,
    where only Palestinian victims have names,
    ages, and sympathetic eyewitnesses:


    “Even if Israel ceased to exist, Jordan, Egypt, Syria and Saudi Arabia would immediately clash over Palestine. So the end of Israel does not guarantee a Palestinian state.”

    The Origins of the Middle East Mess, a Caspian Report by Kali Sayyid [an Arab], posted as a 9.5-minute YouTube video, published 2012/12/27

    Syria and Jordan would both claim that Palestine belongs to them for historical reasons. Egyptian control of Palestine would strengthen their hold on both sides of the Suez Canal and help Egypt to become a regional superpower. Saudi Arabia believes that it is the guardian of Islamic holy places, which gives it reason to control Palestine. ISIS (the Islamic State) has already revealed that it has no intention of giving the Palestinians their own independent state even if all Jews would leave Palestine.
    Therefore, even if Israel were wiped-off-the-map, the Palestinians would probably NOT get their own state. Even if the Palestinians did get their own state, nearby Muslim nations would probably try to take it away from them.

    If Isaiah Were Alive Today:

  2. Racism is NOT a side effect of Ambien use. However, apparently it IS a side effect of voting/liking Trump. Hey, remember when the ENTIRE left hated Helen Thomas for her racist(antisemitic) comments and not one defended her? Me neither. I have no sympathy for Roseanne's predicament BUT once again, the left's hypocrisy sickens me. But whatta ya expect from folks who think MS-13 ain't that bad and Gazan protests are peaceful?

  3. "No link between Muslim immigration and anti-Semitism, German study says"

    What can I say? I mean really. Germans, who once tried to eliminate all Jews, let in a ton of Jew loving Muslims. Got it?

    1. "Claims that the newcomers’ arrival to Europe could pose a threat to Jews appears to be based “on the perceptions of Jewish individuals and communities rather than the objective threat carried by immigrants,” the report states."
      "Muslim minorities have a “sense of grievance and injustice which is well grounded,” the authors wrote..."
      So there!