Tuesday, May 15, 2018

The Moderate Jewish Response to Arab Aggression

Michael Lumish
Let's get one thing straight.
The Gazan Arabs who sought to murder the Jews through breaking into Israel over the last several weeks were not "demonstrators." They were not "protestors." And they were certainly not unarmed.
In fact, many carried knives, hand-axes, cleavers, guns, and Molotov cocktails.
They also flew kites with Nazi swastikas attached to incendiary devices for the purpose of burning fields and crops and houses, if not people.
They were the aggressors and they had murder in their hearts at the very idea of recognition of Jewish sovereignty.
Hamas even provided instructions on where the weak points of the barrier are, where the nearest Jewish villages are in reference to those weak points, and how to carry out the murder and kidnappings of Jewish civilians.
So, yes, the IDF was very restrained under such circumstances.
Nonetheless, Hamas wanted dead Arabs to parade before the world for the purpose of delegitimizing the Jews and they got it.


  1. Here in Redneckistan the loudest antisemitic voices the loudest anti Israeli voices, the people who got the city of Durham to boycott, officially, the state of Israel were the Reform and left wing Jews, the Truah contingent, Chapel Hill and Duke Hillel, JVP, SJP, Jewish Family Services and all the left wing interfaith breakfast types who want to sponsor summer trips to 'occupied palestine'. Rabbis even. I would say the there's not such thing as a vocal contingent that's moderate. There's a bunch of far left wing Jews who want Hamas to succeed or at least give Israel a very bloody nose, and there's a bunch of people who would be happy if we tested biologic weapons on Gaza. It's really the first time I've seen Chabad actually get irritated enough to make a public statement against these anti Israel Jews and that's remarkable. It was a weak statement but still, for them to get mad is pretty odd.

  2. If the MSM would say what you just wrote, i.e., the truth, it would not be Israel being delegitimized. Au contraire.

  3. The MSM is complicit in Hamas propaganda as are most on the left, the UN and most European countries which gleefully gave up their Jewish citizens to the Nazis. They say Satan is the king of lies but he can't hold a candle to the SOB's who call the events in Gaza "peaceful protests."

    Luckily, Trump et al have Israel's back and they are about the only ones. G-d help Israel if they impeach him or defeat him in the midterms or next election.

  4. Can you give a few of those PIJ/Hamas links as I want to write a letter to our WAY LEFT paper and town as well. Would like to back up the facts.
    Great article and GREAT blog Mike. Love your "in your face"