Monday, June 11, 2012

More Stupid Democratic Tricks


You would think that if our detractors were correct that Democrats would not be running blatantly antisemitic candidates. You would be wrong.

N.Y. Democrats Poised to Nominate Former Black Panther, Anti-Israel Radical for Congress: The heart and soul of the Democratic party?

Charles Barron

In 2010, he told a reporter that in New York's Crown Heights neighborhood, Jews "only make up 20 percent of the population, but they've always walked these streets as if they owned them, and acted as if they are the only ones in the community that matter."

Barron once referred to a fellow city councilman, who is Jewish, as a "coward" whose actions on the council were to "satisfy the Jewish lobby."

Barron has also called into question the legitimate existence of Israel. "Where should we start [the discussion]?" he said at a Brooklyn church in 2010. "Should we start with the 1906 Zionist Convention, or in 1914, with the Balfour Declaration? With Menachem Begin, the terrorists, all the wars, you want to discuss Israel becoming a state in 1948 when it should not have? Who are the terrorists? You want to talk about the definition of terrorism? How do you define acts of piracy?"

And in 2009, Barron joined former congresswoman Cynthia McKinney on a Viva Palestine convoy to undermine the Israeli blockade of Hamas-controlled Gaza, which he has compared to a "concentration death camp." Here's what Barron had to say in 2010 about the blockade:
Israel is out of control. They’re off the hook, they’re out of line; and Barack Obama has to stand strong and so do does Hillary Clinton, the secretary of state, to say that this kind of aggressive, terroristic behavior and act of piracy will not be tolerated and the blockade should be lifted immediately, immediately. There’s too many children and women and innocent men of Gaza dying because you’re isolating them and not allowing anything in. It’s like having a concentration death camp. It’s horrible, and the whole world is and should be outraged.
Democrats.....proving us right again and again.


  1. That the guy is even up for consideration pretty much represents a vindication of our thesis that the progressive-left has betrayed its Jewish constituency.

    As Dan has said:

    "When you're taking flak you're over enemy territory."

    The Jews are taking a lot of flak over progressive territory, but we often can't quite seem to make the connection between the people firing at us and, ya know, the people firing at us.

    1. "When you're taking flak you're over enemy territory."

      That is:

      When a person is expressing belief in, and propagating, malicious libels against a hugely maliciously libeled, violently attacked, endangered, beneficial, very small-numbered people, that person is not a good person and that person is not a friend to those people.

    2. I think that I would put it like this, Dan:

      When a person maligns an endangered people that person is not a friend to those people.

      This should be obvious, yet remains an elusive concept among many, if not most, "progressive Zionists."

    3. "When a person maligns an endangered people that person is not a friend to those people."


  2. There is NO WAY someone like this should even be considered as a nominee for the Democratic party. The bigotry he represents is disgusting.

    1. Doodad,

      it seems to me that the fight that we have on our hands is, in part, one of making Jewish liberals understand (and I am a Jewish liberal, for chrissake) that the progressive-left, our old political home, is not what it once was.

      Anti-Jewish racists are piggy-backing into the movement, and thus into the party, via the "progressive" anti-Zionist trend.

      One of the things that regular liberals do not understand about anti-Jewish racism ("anti-Semitism") is that it is inherently genocidal. Other forms of racism are ugly and harmful, but anti-Jewish racism often results in wholesale slaughter.

    2. Exactly. Time for a purge. Overdue, really.

    3. Why do people hold anti-Jewish bigotry? Because they believe lies. Lies that vilify the Jewish people. Lies that say that the Jewish people are causing harm to other peoples and victimizing other peoples.

      That is why the factual history and current reality of the situation that Israel is in, and the reality of the nature of Israeli society, needs to be communicated.

      Kasim Hafeez understands that this is what needs to be done, and this is what Kasim Hafeez has expressed needs to be done.


    Mets has a good diary over at the swamp about this. Barron is even worse than I thought AND he is being endorsed by the incumbent Ed Towns (D-Brooklyn). WTF?