Wednesday, June 13, 2012

This is What Jews Live with on the Left

Mike L.

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"Do not fuck with them unless you want your ass handed back to you "

I'm an American-American and I fuck with Israel every day in public opinion and with my politicians and haven't had my ass handed to me yet.

Israel is in reality a pipsqueak that couldn't survive without US support and protection...and that could end some day.

What you gonna do then? Hell you couldn't even whip rag tag Hezbollah. US pentagon military liaisons to Israel like Col. Lang have all describe your military as 'swat team' not a disciplined military force.

But go for it tough guy see if you can whip all your 'enemies" in the ME without the US.

I am all for you're trying it...''suicide is painless, it brings about many changes.''

"Something happens. Then you have to make a choice and take a side."...."The Quiet American", Graham Greene

by renfro on Wed Jun 13, 2012 at 09:39:07 AM PDT

He's laughing at the notion of Israeli Jewish suicide.

There is no other people on the entire planet in which open contempt is acceptable on the progressive-left other than open contempt for the Jewish people of the state of Israel, as well as their Jewish supporters in the diaspora. The exception is that of Evangelical Christians, which progressives tend to despise almost as much as they despise Jewish supporters of the Jewish state.

This is one small example of why I cannot support the progressive movement.

Spitting hatred at the Jews is OK on the left, but it's not OK with me.

"Progressive Zionists" may seek to pretend like its only a few fringe crazies within their movement, but if so those few fringe crazies also control much of the left-wing press, are decision makers at major universities, and increasingly represent the left-wing European mainstream.

Until Jewish liberals recognize, and somehow deal with, the hatred that is spreading toward them from within their own political movement, they will find themselves objects of contempt from the both the left and the right.

They are objects of contempt from the left, as we see above, for supporting the state of Israel.

They are objects of contempt on the right, or at least the Jewish right, because they also support a movement, the progressive movement, that tends to despise the Jewish state. This is the central contradiction in what it means to be a "progressive Zionist" and it is a problem that they studiously avoid addressing.

The price of admission into progressive-left circles, such as Daily Kos, if you openly support the Jewish state of Israel, is getting perpetually spit upon by your alleged allies.

I fail to see why any self-respecting (i.e., non-dhimmitudenous) Jew would put up with it.

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  1. In any case he is wrong because the Israeli military's technological advances and counter terror expertise have helped save American lives.