Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Three Jews Beaten with Hammers

Mike L.

France: Three Jews Beaten With Hammers, Iron Bars by Islamic Youths

Three yarmulke wearing Jewish youths were brutally assaulted on Saturday night by a mob of over a dozen who beat them with hammers and Iron bars. The incident took place in Villeurbanne, near Lyon in southeast France. French blogs reported that the crime was carried out by Islamic youths.

Yet in progressive-left circles I am a "racist" for pointing out this headline and for suggesting that maybe, just maybe, Islam has a little problem with Jews.

I find it simply baffling that so many diaspora Jews remain on the left when it is the left that is delegitimizing Israel and very often supporting radical Islam, a movement that is genocidal toward us. How much self-loathing must a Jewish person have to support a political movement that is happy to kick us in the head? How much Jewish Stockholm Syndrome, or dhimmitude, must one be subject to in order to support a political movement that deems Jewish self-defense to be racist aggression?

After World War II the great sociological-historical question revolved around how it was that one of the most sophisticated peoples on the entire planet, the German people, could possibly go in for fascism, but another question revolved around how it was that the Jews were so easily led to the slaughter?

Why did they not fight back?

Why did they not stand up for themselves?

I do not know that we really have a satisfactory answer to that question. All I know for certain is that huge numbers of diaspora Jews support a contemporary political movement that seems to believe that the Jews of the Middle East have it coming for their alleged ill-treatment of the poor, innocent, "indigenous," Palestinian people who, we are to understand, want nothing more than to tend their olive groves in peace.

To be both "progressive" and Jewish generally means to allow oneself to be kicked in the teeth on a daily basis.  To be both "progressive" and Jewish generally means to blame Israeli Jews for their own persecution by a people who outnumber them on a scale of sixty or seventy to one.

Thankfully there are still many of us who are not afraid to stand up for the Jewish state and the Jewish people and I suspect that our numbers are growing.

Have I mentioned recently that the Day of the Dhimmi is Done?


Well, let me reiterate:

The Day of the Dhimmi is Done.

The sooner we get that through our collective skulls the better off we'll all be.

And the sooner we stand up for ourselves, the sooner this conflict will end.

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