Thursday, June 7, 2012

Who Is Serge Duss?


Well, he is a preacher (director of the New Century Evangelicals Project) who has had meetings "with the Obama administration’s liaison to Arab Americans, as well as with two of the president’s most trusted foreign policy advisers, according to White House visitor logs."

He also has ties to J-Street and talked to them last year about  "the erroneous belief that the modern state of Israel and modern Israelis are the extension of the Children of Israel of the Old Testament.”

Yep, that's right. The Obama admin is getting advice from one of those types. Anybody shocked at this? Not me.


  1. Other than the article linked, what makes you believe that the Obama administration is getting advice from this loon?

    Is everyone that ever visits the White House an advisor?

  2. Stuart,

    many of us are concerned about Obama administration hostility towards the Jewish state and let me assure you that your indifference to that concern does nothing whatsoever to reassure anyone who cares.

    1. I get your concern Michael. Is it possible that your concern has created a mindset whereby innocuous meetings become nefarious threatening activities?

      I get this guy is a loon. Maybe he is a trusted Obama advisor. But is there any evidence of that besides he visited the White House? I suspect the White House has had lots of official visitors over the last 40 months who weren't advisors. Why do we think this guy is?

    2. You should direct this question to Doodad, not me. He wrote the piece. I didn't.

      It also doesn't really matter because Obama has taken the trust that I offered him and threw it in the toilet entirely.

      The guy complains about Israel building housing for itself in Jerusalem which, to my mind, immediately disqualifies him as someone that I would put any trust in.

      But I have a question, you seem to think that Jews have no real claim on the land of Israel. If that is the case, then what claims can the Jewish people possibly have for a state on that land?

      And if the Jews have no actual claims for a state on that land, does this mean that you are not in favor of a Jewish state in the land of Israel?

    3. OK, but you see the logical inconsistency, do you not?

      That's what's so unique about Jews, we never had a home until 60 years ago!

      Look, I am not trying to suggest that you are unsupportive of Israel. I know that you are supportive of Israel, but if you think that the Jews never had a home until 60 years ago, then you think, as you have said, that Jewish historical claims to the land are bogus and if Jewish historical claims to the land are bogus on what basis does Israel exist as a state on that land?

      From my perspective

      1) The Jews of the Middle East remain under siege.

      2) There is a worldwide campaign of delegitimization of the Jewish state of Israel going on throughout the Muslim world, with considerable help from many on the western progressive-left.

      3) A major part of that delegitizimation effort is via the denial of Jewish historical claims in the land of Israel.

      4) Thus when you make similar claims it plays directly into the hands of our enemies... and we do, in fact, have enemies.

      I don't like it any better than you do, but there it is.

  3. Stuart, I am basing that on what the original article author, Adam Kredo, an established investigative reporter said. Perhaps Kredo is engaging in hyperbole; I don't know. But, I choose to believe that Kredo is right until I am given info proving otherwise. It certainly sounds SOP from what we have seen over the years IMHO.

    1. Please Doodad, go back and reread the linked article. All references to "advice" were quotes from others. In this context, calling Duss and advisor is derogetory. Which works pretty well for someone who begins with an ideology of disdain for Obama. If Kredo (who very well may be well respected, but I have never heard of him.) was an impartial journalist, he would have pointed out that either there is no evidence that Duss is acting as an advisor or provided some evidence that he is. Yet Kredo did neither. Lousy reporting. Lousy re-reporting.

    2. Well, according to the WH, Serge Duss twice met with Darron P. Monteiro, Deputy Associate Director of Public Engagement, Gayle Smith (whoever she is), and Samantha Power, who has advocated for a US invasion of Israel ( and is now of the newly created Atrocities Prevention Board.

      Obama does seem to have a habit of befriending Israel Haters, that much is certain.

      Oh, and btw, there is no "anti-Obama ideology" here. I do not even know what that means, exactly.

      What we have are people, such as myself and Doodad, who are disenchanted with this president for some excellent reasons and others, like School, who seem to see him as the lesser of evils.

  4. Stuart, I will concede you probably have a point here. I am, however, a pretty zero tolerance guy when it comes to guys like Duss and, as Mike references, get a little suspicious when his type meets with someone like Samantha Powers. WTF is she still even doing in Obama's government after that debacle?