Saturday, June 23, 2012

When Leftists Go Wrong, Version 151.90


One of the most pernicious anti-Israel fanatics on the internet is David Harris-Gershon, aka The Troubador on Daily Kos (a, if not THE, premier website when it comes to mainstreaming of antisemitism on the Left over the past decade or so).  His gig is to sound reasonable, while yet at the same time inciting hatred against the Jewish people in the guise of 'progressive' politics and advocacy.

The way to be successful at that site is to write platitudinously comical diaries with ludicrously incendiary titles (the better with which to initially draw in the foaming-at-the-mouth Loony Leftist types, and of course the antisemites), which after one hits "the rec list," one can change at will in order to look more reasonable.  Also, it helps to have a long track record of refusing to ever deal with the antisemitism one brings on with their diaries, because of course he would not want to insult his target audience, or make them feel unwelcome (g-d forbid, that) in his pieces in any way.

David also has a gig at Tikkun (Michael Lerner's project, at least when he isn't writing and publishing pseudonymous letters to himself) these days, where he writes things like this.

Priceless, coming as it does from Mr. Gershon, the master of "attention-getting screeds" himself.  Who, at every turn, never fails to remind you that his wife was injured in the 2002 Hebrew University cafeteria bombing, and that he'd nonetheless love to hug the terrorist who tried to murder his wife, so this of course makes his... attention-getting screeds unassailable.  The ultimate difference in the end, however, is that Mr. Dershowitz cries, whines and goes numb much less often than our friend David does.

Anyway.  It would be truly fantastic if Mr. Gershon were to help me "see the light," and convince me how supporting Hamas, and how prohibiting one's work from being translated into the language of the Jewish people, is anything less than anti-Jewish bigotry.

What is "neither moral nor honest," is in fact David Harris-Gershon.


  1. Harris-Gershon, aka The Troubadour on dkos, is unquestionably a wolf in sheep's clothing.

    He represents the very worst kind of anti-Israel activist, i.e., the kind that presents himself as a friend to Israel even has he does nothing but demean and degrade that country before the world.

    And this business with the alleged attack on his wife is just creepy. He wants to seek out and have tea with the terrorist who almost killed his wife?

    Oh, what a saint!

    The stupidity is just voluminous... but I have rainbows to catch on Putah Creek today!

    1. Yeah, good point. I did forget to mention that he also pretends to be a 'friend' of Israel, while carrying out his constant attacks on same. He's long since figured out the best way to get head-pats and belly-rubs from antisemites and 'anti-Zionists' at places like Daily Kos, who would nonetheless turn on him in an instant, the second he ever said anything good about Israel. Or, for that matter, anything 'bad' about her enemies.

      I used to call him Useful Idiot, but now I don't think that moniker quite fits as well. He knows exactly what he's doing.

      Now get on with ethnically-cleansing those trout, Mike! ;)

  2. People like him allow their allegiance to ideology to take over. to get in the way of deciding what is right and wrong, even in obvious cases.

    Many of this persuasion would impose their beliefs on the rest in an authoritarian manner, even as they claim to worship human rights.