Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Toads on Tour


There's been an update in the great "free speech and debate" Byron Bay Israel Bash this weekend.

Echonetdaily has published comments from Shirl and me to a letter they published from one of the promoters of a tour by an obscure Scottish based anti-Zionist activist by the name of Avigail Abarbanel. It took them a little while but they did it. The background to this is in the last post.

You might think that unremarkable but it took us a little by surprise.

These little local papers and their internet shop fronts are not officially affiliated with the Australian Greens but they are sympathetic and are part of the broader movement. This of course is their right and this blog is glad to see these papers around. But who is officially affiliated with the Australian Greens anyway? The Greens NSW branch has refused to hand over details of its membership to party federal officers.

Affiliation can be a fair question even of Greens senators. The party's spokesperson on international affairs in the Senate happens to be formerly one of the most senior and active apparatchiks of the Australian subsidiary of the Communist Party of Joseph Stalin and was until the party finally fell apart after the collapse of the Soviet Union. For all of her life she devoted herself to the political interests of the Soviet Union in Australia and she did that full time right up until there was no longer any Soviet Union.

Welcome to the Socialist Party of Australia. Disappeared from time somewhere between
this and this. Wiped from the pages of history as their latest hero would say. How many other members of this fallen nest of alien vampires found a home in the Australian Greens is probably something that not even Bob Brown knows.

The ugly old hard left don't really hold much for people not doing what they are told let alone speaking out of turn. I expect Greens of the old pre-takeover party have discovered that for themselves. Perhaps Bob Brown was among them. Never mind old comrades. It could have been worse. Instead of taking over your NSW branch they could have finally taken over the country. Then they would have taken you out the back and shot after a ten minute process.

There are a few straws in the wind that suggest some change for the Greens on the pro-war, pro-genocide, pro-imperialist totalitarianism front; policy-wise. A hint here and there that they may be trying to drag themselves from the sticky moral fugue that has gripped them since their Marrickville moment. I' ll save that for another post but here's a tantalising thought. Could some Greens actually be trying to take back their party?.

Anyway it turns out the whiny little letter in The Echo pushing Avigail 
Abarbanel's upcoming book promotion at the Byron Community Centre was merely pushing part of an organised national tour by our earnest anti-Zionist activist. Shirl has kindly sent me the itinery via the Brisbane branch of one of the crackpot cults that carry this intellectual virus.They are the usual suspects but I don't mind giving the event a plug. Let the sun shine in as they used to say around Byron Bay and Nimbin. I might even show up.

The only mildly interesting thing
about Abarbanel
 is how ordinary she is and how ordinary doubtless are the other twenty five contributors to this book that presumably she organised. Many hands make light work. This is a commune book if there ever was one. Also how transparent she is about the psychological source of her anti-Jewish State obsession. She hates Israel, and has devoted herself to its destruction, because she has really serious hate/love vengeance issues with her living mother. You can't make this stuff up. This is not satire. It is the tragic truth. If you wrote a character like this into a novel or script the work would be dismissed as clumsy and cartoonish. It is impossible to dislike a person like this. Some pity perhaps but it is also impossible to take her seriously. As a character in fiction she would only work as comedy.

Yet these characters are important and the old hard left cults spend a lot of effort nurturing them. Why? What is their use? 
Abarbanel isn't even Israeli any more. But she is Jewish. Or at least Jewish enough. That is the point. The Israel obsessives honestly believe that by having a few Jews upfront in their campaigns to destroy the Jewish state they have trumped any obvious suggestion of antisemitism. They have in fact merely confirmed it. They will never understand that.

So should I show up at Byron Bay Community Centre at the correct time and date this weekend? It's only a forty minute drive and I haven't been to Byron for a while. Have a beer and burger at Strop's pub. Check out the new video surveillance cameras. Maybe take in some of that famous free speech and debate that Byron Bay and the Greens have suddenly given themselves a reputation. Perhaps even take part and report back. Just like Daphne Anson did recently at an event organised by a branch of the Palestine Solidarity Committee in rural England addressed by a rabbi from Neturei Karta.

I dunno. The weather forecast this weekend is for perfect and spending any time in an enclosed space with a bunch of Jew hating commo wanker hippies and posers uglier than warts on a cane toad is just one more slice our of life. It's a big ask. Besides I fear I may lack Daphne's cool. I might say something rude.

I'll think about it

hat tip Shirlee

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