Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Rockets Pound South

Mike L.

Gaza terrorists shell western Negev communities as over 40 Qassams, mortars hit area's communities. Police chief says current round of escalation may last days

This is NOT acceptable.

It is not Jew-Hunting Season in the Middle East... damn you... but the liberal west, to the extent that they even notice, will yawn and shrug.

What is perhaps even worse is that progressive-left Jewish pussies will barely whisper a word of dissent because they honestly believe that their Jewish brothers and sisters in Israel are guilty as hell... and also, of course, it's just an embarrassing pain in the ass to have to actually stand up for the Jewish people... which is why most dhimmitudenous progressive-left Jews remain silent.

Do the Jews in the Middle East remain under siege, generation upon generation, century upon century? If you have to ask the question then you are either not paying attention or so ideologically blinkered as to not recognize what is before your very eyes.

This is just the very latest example of 14 centuries of violent anti-Jewish racism coming out of the Muslim Middle East.

You don't want walls? I tell ya what, neither do I, and I am sure that Israel would be more than happy to tear down walls once these vicious morons end their never-ending campaign to subjugate us "children of apes and pigs."

Western progressives think that the Palestinian cause is about justice, but nothing could be further from the truth. The Palestinian cause is about justice like the cause of Nazi Germany was about justice.

Progressive-left Jews who care about our other half in Israel are, thus, sold down the river and they do not even realize it.

{You fucking fools.}


  1. jfc. I read this earlier and got sick. My daughter was there 3 days ago.

    1. Stuart,

      whereabouts in country was she?

    2. She was all over. There for a 2 week research tour of medical facilities with a bunch of other med school students. Tel Aviv, Negev to Beer Sheva, Jerusalem, up north, Jaffa, and then back to Tel Aviv. She leaves Thurs. AM (tonight our time.) Great experience but I wasn't all that excited about the trip when it first came up in March. The rhetoric has calmed a bit since then, but I'm glad she's coming home now.

    3. I remember you telling me about this when I saw you in Scottsdale.

      The chances of anything happening to her were very slim, but as a father you have to worry... or so I am told!

      The important question, however, is just what did she think of the falafel? I gotta tell you, our falafel truck guy here in Oakland whips up the deliciousness at least as well as any of the golden nuggets that I had in Israel.

      When Laurie and I were in Israel we waited out a rainstorm in a tiny falafel joint in the Arab section of Haifa. I will never forget that moment. It was just pouring buckets and we raced into the place to get out of the rain.

      We were soaked, but we were happy, munching on our falafels!

    4. Those were probably Lebanese falafel. :)

      I don't know if she eats falafel. She's a bit of a vegetarian health freak...rarely anything fried. Maybe she made an exception for real falafel!

      I'll get details in a couple days and let you know.

  2. The guts and fortitude of those who live in the shadow of rocket fire never ceases to amaze me

    I was in Sderot in March. It was the eeriest, most confronting situation I've ever been in. For the entire day my mind was literally on alert. All I could think of as I was being shown around, was what would happen if a rocket came.?

    To visit schools, where even in the play areas, there were bomb shelters no more than a 15 second dash away.

    To visit a children's playground where there are bomb shelters for the little ones in the shape of, and painted like caterpillars.

    To see apartment buildings with bomb shelters built on their sides, because it would be impossible to get from a 3rd storey apartment to a conventional bomb shelter in 15 seconds.

    To have to endure living in what the locals call “The bomb shelter capital of world” I can’t imagine

    Yet to the Arab/Muslim world we are the ones at fault. AMAZING logic !!

    1. The fault game is not limited, however, to the Arab world and the political ideology it spawned that now threatens our freedom to be the persons we choose.

      The anti-Israel left, including some Jews, see actual and real universal human rights as inferior to the theory and aspiration of a utopian society that will not allow such rights to exist, ironically even for them.

    2. It seems to me, School, that the progressive-left has given up on universal human rights and has, thus, given up on its very reason to be.

      One cannot scream to the hillsides about detentions at Ben Gurion airport while remaining almost entirely silent about the slaughter in Syria or the genocides in the Congo and Darfur and still be taken seriously on questions of universal human rights.

    3. In pursuit of dreams, reality must move aside. This is where they fail most miserably. The end justifies the means. As history shows, however, once the dream becomes realized, there is no immunity.

  3. Backspin has a piece on how the BBC has headlined the terrorist attack that preceded this act of war

    Border Attack: BBC’s Horrendous Headlines

    JUNE 19, 2012 12:11
    One Israeli civilian was killed Monday morning along the Egyptian border in an ambush combining rifle fire, antitank weapons and two explosive devices. Two terrorists who crossed into Israel were killed in an ensuing gunfight.

    But you wouldn’t know it from some of the worst headlines covering the story. For example, the BBC:

    Deadly Attack on Israel-Egypt Border

    So according to the BBC, there are no innocent victims and no terrorist perpetrators. In addition, the attack isn’t aimed at Israeli civilians but at an inanimate line in the sand. This is fairly standard for the BBC, which rarely attributes blame to Palestinian terrorists and states Israeli locations as the targets rather than actual people.

    Contrast this with a BBC headline from the day before when an Israeli tow truck driver shot and killed two Palestinians and injured another in the West Bank, after they reportedly tried to beat him, hijack his vehicle, and kidnap him.

    Palestinian "Attackers" Killed by Israeli truck driver

    So when Palestinians are killed by Israelis in self-defense, the BBC makes it crystal clear who is responsible for those deaths as well as using quotation marks to infer that those Palestinians were possibly innocent victims.

    Sadly it’s what we’ve come to expect from the BBC.