Saturday, May 4, 2013

5 Israelis wounded from Palestinian stone-throwing

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This piece was written by Tovah Lazaroff and Ben Hartman and published by Y-NET:
Five Israelis were lightly wounded and two vehicles were harmed near the village of Beit Omar in the West Bank after Palestinians threw stones at them on Friday evening, according to the IDF.

In addition, Border Police spokesman Idal Iluz said there were six clashes between Palestinians and security forces at six different locations in the West Bank, including Bi’lin, Nebi Salah and Silwad also on Friday.

A Border Police officer was lightly wounded by a rockthrower in Silwad and treated at the scene. Border Police arrested one rockthrower following that incident, Iluz said.

In Kaddum, west of Nablus, several hundred Palestinians rioted and threw stones at security personnel on Friday, according to the IDF. Security forces employed riot dispersal means.
We have to understand that when members of the Arab majority in the Middle East seek to kill or main members of the Jewish minority there it is done no more for reasons of social justice then were Nazi efforts to murder Jews.

One of the fundamental injustices that Jews undergo, particularly those in Israel for obvious reasons, is that large numbers of westerners honestly believe that Arabs have every right to try to kill Jews - as a matter of "resistance" - because we have been allegedly unjust to the great grandchildren of our former masters.

In fact, random Arab violence against Jews in the Middle East has been continuous and ongoing since Muhammed's armies stole Jewish land as part of Muslim imperial expansion in the 7th century and this violence is fundamentally grounded in Sharia law.  This is to say that under traditional Islamic law the Jews and Christians were considered second and third class citizens within the system of oppression that is called in Arabic "dhimmitude."  The Jews of the Middle East lived under that violent system of oppression for thirteen of the last fourteen centuries.  Furthermore, it should be noted that within decades after the Holocaust Soviet and Arab propaganda spread the notion that "Zionism is Racism" thus combining a modern foundation for the hatred and violence that faces our friends and relatives in Israel to this day with the far older foundation of Sharia.

There is nothing that I have said above that I have not said before.  Please excuse my redundancy, but as far as I can tell I am one of the very few writers on this topic who regularly stresses the broader historicity as a lens within which to view the current conflict.  The current conflict is impossible to understand without understanding it from within a perspective that includes the history of the Jewish people under the many centuries of Arab-Muslim persecution.  The current conflict is also unresolvable without a fair understanding of the Jewish history preceding it.

Here's another bit of redundancy for you:

Trying to understand the Arab-Israel conflict without the benefit of Jewish history in the region would be like trying to understand the American Civil Rights Movement without the benefit of knowing about African-American slavery.

It cannot be done.


  1. Redundancy is a necessity of the blogging format, as even words written two weeks ago generally find themselves buried by countless other posts and pixels in such a short time. Never mind things that were written two years ago.

    The gist of your message is short and understandable to anyone who knows the history. And for those who don't, hopefully they'll go and learn that history.

  2. What are rock throwers charged with? Considering such acts can, and have, killed, and are part of an ongoing terror campaign, I would hope the charges are pretty serious?

    I can't recall ever having read what they're charged with, or what kinds of sentences they receive. I sure hope these little budding racist murderers aren't just processed and released to go about their merry way, maybe next time to successfully kill some Jews, as they've already made quite clear is their intent?

  3. Very true. And I'm sure it's even racist (!) to oppose this ages-old cultural practice of theirs, isn't it?

  4. You know it bro'.I hear one peace process demand is that Israel provide a steady stream of Jews for target practice.

  5. Here is a great short chunk of information from the IDF which details the actual paltry quantity of checkpoints in operation. There are in fact only 27, only some of which are manned and even the ones which are, are no more onerous that what ordinary people encounter every day in airports and train stations.