Saturday, May 11, 2013

Did the Obama Administration Lie to the American People for Electoral Reasons?

Mike L.

It certainly looks that way.

The evidence clearly shows that the Obama administration scrubbed the CIA talking points in order to remove any reference to Qaeda or radical Islam in the attack against Ambassador Stevens and his staff.

The administration knew that the attack was taking place in real time, yet failed to help the desperate ambassador and his people. The administration then lied about the reasons for the attack for electoral reasons because Barack Obama had previously claimed that Qaeda was on the run.

What's obviously needed is a full and independent investigation into this matter.


  1. This from DocWright59 at the WAPO:

    What bothers me the most is the lie that there was no assets close enough to help those men. I was in the Navy for 23 years. Both of my submarines and the Distroyer I was on were east coast ... so I made several "Med Runs". Every Sailor from the lowest ranking E-nothing to the highest O-my goodness knows that there is ALWAYS a carrier group in the Med....ALWAYS. That means jets that can be anywhere in the Med in an hr.... tankers to refuel them, 2 submarines, several Distroyers, Cruzers, oiler, a gater-freighter full of Marines, All this equates to a floating, battle ready, huge can of whupp ready to go at a moments notice.

    The video was a lie.... but saying there was no one that could have come to their aid in time is a damed lie.

  2. More than the hoop jumping to justify inaction, it should concern Americans that if the CiC and the top of the military ranks are unwilling to commit to anything unless they are guaranteed zero causalities and zero political fallout then we may as well send everyone for good and relegate the armed forces to handing out blankets after a typhoon. Leave no man behind will have become meaningless just like it is for all the other useless hollow political armies in the world.

  3. Another thing that it is important to note is that the administration's deletion of political Islam from the CIA talking points is fully consistent with its support for that movement - to the extent that Obama supported the Brotherhood - as well as its deletion of any formal discussion within the administration concerning political Islam, at all.

    We have to understand that it's all of a piece.

    I do not believe for one second that Barack Obama is an Islamist, but it seems clear that he wants to work with them, presumably with the hope of moderating their ways.

    For this reason he is willing to give Abrams tanks and F-16 fighter jets to Muhammed Morsi, despite the fact that the Brotherhood is an outspoken enemy of the United States that actually sided with the Nazis during WWII, despite the fact that Morsi is a blatant anti-Semite who refers to Jews as the children of apes and pigs, and despite the fact that the Brotherhood regularly speaks of conquering Jerusalem, as we saw in their most recent rally in Cairo, as well as at a rally shortly before Morsi's "election."

    {I put the word election in quotes because of reports that the Brotherhood prevented many Copts from voting at the point of a rifle.}

    I have had many disappointments with this administration, but this is unquestionably one of the worst.

    They had all night to rescue Stevens and his staff, but they chose not to even try. This is just a disgrace and any Obama supporters who think otherwise are simply playing ostrich. It's unacceptable.

    And then to turn around and lie about the motive of the attack, while expunging political Islam from consideration is unconscionable to my mind and represents a betrayal of the trust of the American people on a question that is vital to national security.

    All I want going forward, however, is a fair and impartial investigation.

    I don't think that we'll get it... but we need it and the American people deserve it.

  4. The Obama admin does seem to have never taken off the training wheels. I tend to think it's less cover up, although a little bit. But mostly just ineptitude and lurching from stupid thing to stupid thing. We appear to living under an administration of nothing but academic thinker types who have have almost no ability to act. In the world, people will fault you less for acting and failing then for not acting at all. Obama doesn't not seem to grasp this.