Friday, May 10, 2013

Latest Times of Israel Piece

Mike L.

The Obama Administration and the Bengahzi Talking Points

"I honestly do not want to leap to conclusions on this story, but it certainly looks fishy to me. We now have strong evidence that the Obama administration knew what was happening in Bengahzi in real time and chose not to act, thus resulting in the murder of Ambassador Stevens and three of his staff. We have further strong evidence that the administration sought to downplay the role of political Islam in the attack in favor of some made up story about an internet video.

They did all this, furthermore, directly before the last election after claiming that Qaeda was, if not defeated, very much on the run."


  1. I realize you've never been in the military and probably a have basic understanding of how the military operates. That said the decision not to send the four man rapid response team was made by the North African Command not by the White House. It's called the chain of command. The commander believed that those 4 individuals where best positioned to help evacuate embassy personal from Tripoli. Additionally what could possible have been served by sending only 4 men into a situation in which they were out gunned and numbered.

    Just let you know: One I was in the army Two I'm a man

    1. Confucius say, Internet tough guy equal real life yellabelly.

    2. The reason I mentioned I was a man was because they believed for some reason that I was a woman. Yes, I'm a coward for having served in the army. Which I've never mentioned before. So, if you think I'm a coward that's on you. Don't associated your short comings with me.

    3. My mistake. I wasn't paying attention to your comments until now.

  2. If the military feels that the only action it can ever take is where it expects zero casualties then perhaps we don't need their presence at all outside of the US. Perhaps the armed forces should, like in Europe, be relegated to the role of handing out blankets after a typhoon.