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Are The Greens Australia's First Islamist Party?


Two days ago two  Australian Greens politicians publicly refused to sign the London Declaration on Combating Antisemitism. Not only that, they were proud of themselves. They even submitted an article to New Matilda claiming credit for it. As if this was something honourable and courageous. Here it is.  Do read it all but to sum up the reasoning there were too many bits in the declaration about Israel being the Jewish state and therefore Israel should not be boycotted on that account or its supporters singled out for racist abuse at UN conferences like Durban. And also Zionism is racism.

Whilst there are some interpretations of Zionism that are compatible with a peaceful, multi-ethnic and religious state, in its name Palestinian homes have been demolished, the granting of Israeli citizenship has been granted based on the grounds of race and religion and illegal Jewish-only settlements in the West Bank have been constructed.
The usual lies about home demolitions, illegal settlements, "apartheid walls" and comparisons with South Africa, and of all places Burma, but see the phrase in bold.  So much for Jewish nationhood. Israel alone of the nations has no legitimacy because to identify as Jewish in the Jewish homeland is to discriminate "on the grounds of race and religion".  

No doubt there will be more Greens lining up to show their contempt for the political and other human rights of Israelis because they are Jews, or more to the point not Muslims. I commented about this noble stand of principle here and left this at New Matilda.

It is just a simple outright lie that people who have criticisms of Israeli Government policy at checkpoints or building approvals risk being labelled antisemites. 
They do not. Read this disgusting article and you will see this lie at full strength.
 If you believe that the existence of the Jewish state is the reason for the misery of the "Palestinian" people then you are not necessarily an antisemite. Ignorant, with the intellectual depth of a child's wading pool in summer and driven by dinner party activism probably but not necessarily a full blown racist.
If you stand for the destruction of the Jewish state then you are an antisemite. If you are agnostic on the question of whether the Jewish state should be torn down as if it was the old apartheid regime in South Africa then you are an antisemite. No amount of mealy mouthed  double talk of the type you see here will disguise that.
This is why the Greens are correctly labelled as full blown racists. And pro-war. Their presence in Australian politics, like that of One Nation's two decades ago, shames us all
One of these politicians is David Shoebridge. Two weeks ago Shoebridge attended a Nakba Day rally during which he demonstrated his passion for human rights by entertaining Iranian Press TV with a long and friendly interview about the evil Israelis. Shoebridge is spokesperson for his party on Gay and Lesbian rights.  
What can you say? I tried this.

Greens campaign against combating racism? Greens giving comfort and support to regimes that murder Gays? Greens complicit in the brutal oppression of women abroad?  You better believe it.
Welcome to Greens foreign policy.
And welcome to Shoebridge's website where you will find this text book piece of subliminal racism, and not so subliminal antisemitism.  

Shrinking Palestine
The Racist World of the Greens.

This is not some sort of satire. This cartoon is genuine and comes from the official site of this Greens parliamentarian  and anti-Israel activist. It is the official Greens position and provides the background for this.

It's the usual four map illusion with mirrors that has been debunked so thoroughly it raises ugly thoughts about the motives of those who deploy it. But deploy it they do and in this case with a couple of twists unique to the Australian Greens  There are a couple of perversions of their own which really should settle the question of  whether it is populist ignorance or deep rooted prejudices that drive Greens foreign policy interventions.

Can you spot these?

The first map is the biggest lie as noted by the Elder. As is usual it is a snapshot of the Mandate for Palestine in 1946 thereby sidestepping any possible thought crimes  that might occur among the punters had the snapshot been taken in 1920 when the Mandate was created or in 1922 when Palestine was illegally split by the British hiving off 77% to a new Arab state east of the river where Jews were forbidden to live by law. Still are. This also avoids any possibility of curiosity about the history of Zionism and the Jewish struggle for national liberation in the explicit context of the rule of international law in the twentieth century.

But there's something else. In the usual map one lie what is here shown as the white bits, if they are shown at all, are explained to be "Jewish owned land" and indeed probably do correctly depict the extent of privately owned land lawfully held by Jews and Jewish bodies at that time. The lie is that the balance was "Palestinian"  owned land. It was not. The vast bulk of it was not private land at all. It was public land and the suggestion that it was owned by one section of the population to the exclusion of another has to say something about the mindset. However it gets worse:

On the Greens' map the white bits are not even described as "Jewish owned land". Instead they are depicted only in the negative, as not part of "Palestine". According to the Greens a Jew lawfully owning land in the Mandate for Palestine was sufficient to remove the land from whatever polity the Greens imagine prevailed at that time. The land had in effect been stolen solely by virtue of being owned by Jews. 

And the other thing? "Shrinking Palestine", with the Jewish bits steadily expanding from what looks like the aftermath of an attack by a plague of sabre toothed moths on an antique table cloth, to big shark like bites, is coloured green; the natural colour of empathy for this party. Look at the poor green little country being gulped up in big bites as if the Jews are Great White Sharks attacking a school of painted pilchards.

The other lies are dealt with by the Elder  It is almost amusing to see the period 1967 to 2012 skipped without so much as a yadda yadda yadda as if several wars, two intifadas, two peace treaties, one land for peace deal, two unilateral withdrawals and the Oslo fraud happened without so much as a blink of the eye*; but note one other oddity. Map three shows Gaza then administered by Egypt and the West Bank then under Jordanian control as an "UN mandate". What UN mandate? Am I missing something?

It's almost as if truthfully showing there was no "Palestine" and no "mandate" over "Palestine" right up until 1967 when at any time an independent "Palestine" was there for the making might derail the narrative. All the "Palestinians" and the Arab states had to do was want a state of "Palestine" . They did not. They wanted something else. Something they can never have. They still do. Nothing has changed.

The Greens prefer to lie about this.

Here's another map. Here's some truth from some Irish activists.  The Greens will never accept the implications of this.

Where Middle East Jews No Longer Live
*Not to mention the expulsion and flight from persecution and pogroms of Jews from Muslim lands, many more in number than the Palestinian refugees, where they had lived for a thousand years and more before there were Muslims and who with their descendants comprise a majority of the Jewish population of modern Israel. Greens might feign some kind of emotion about the lost Jewish civilisations of Russia and Europe. It would be politically correct to do so. But you will never hear a whisper of interest about the lost ancient Jewish cultures of Egypt, Yemen, Iraq, Sudan and so on. That would be politically incorrect.   

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  1. " is a snapshot of the Mandate for Palestine in 1946 thereby sidestepping any possible thought crimes that might occur among the punters had the snapshot been taken in 1920 when the Mandate was created or in 1922..."

    I'm not sure how much it would have helped to go back before 1946. The true-blue, dyed-in-the-wool anti-Zionists think the original Original Sin™ goes all the way back to 1882, when the first ship of Zionist Jews came from Russia (the Yemenites are conveniently left unmentioned; wouldn't want to ruin a perfectly good Racial Narrative, would we?).

    "...the Jewish bits steadily expanding from what looks like the aftermath of an attack by a plague of sabre toothed moths on an antique table cloth, to big shark like bites, ... Look at the poor green little country being gulped up in big bites as if the Jews are Great White Sharks attacking a school of pilchards."

    In my book the way to respond to this is simply with a response in kind. The maps of the ever-shrinking Jewish State accorded in various British proposals in the period 1920–47 could do, as well as maps showing the expansion of Arab settlements (by virtue of immigration from Egypt and Syria) at the very period, all eating at the Jewish Homeland promised in Balfour's Declaration.

    Ultimately, it all goes back to the question who the indigenous are in Palestine and who the colonists. Inundating people with the right facts is useless when they hold to the wrong view; it's the view we have to fix, by ramming the truth of the Jews being the one and only true Palestinian nation down their throats.

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    1. I do find their liberal check-out policies somewhat advantageous, though, Doodad.

  4. Thanks for the post, geoffff. Keep calling the haters out.

  5. Interesting to note that a couple of 'high profile' people in the Sydney Community have the courage of their convictions and have pulled out of Limmud Oz because....

    "proponents of the BDS campaign ( Boycott, Divestments and Sanctions against the State of Israel ) being given a platform within our own community"

    Good on 'em both. They have given the same reasons I and others have for boycotting it.

    1. I'm not up with this Shirlee

      What's Limmud Oz doing inviting BDS-holes to a platform anywhere near Jews?

      What's the event? Stone throwing? Are they being given their own step ladders?

    2. You know us Jews, we have to let people have their 'freedom of speech'!!

      You will have seen the furore in the AJN in regards to Peter Sleasak. The letters in this weeks AJN will show you how even handed we are !! Unbelievable. That's why Israel is in such a mess

      My Blog is going nowhere I need help with setting it up and can't find help

    3. Shirlee as you know I live in regional rural Australia in rainforest country and my copy of the AJN has to be delivered by trained gorillas swinging on vines between trees. Therefore I'm often not up with the latest in the AJN. I think I saw a new one in the unit upstairs the other day. I'll check later.

      And yes I know I can subscribe electronically. The reason I don't is also why I'm reluctant to offer help on your blog.

    4. I just saw our first whale!

      For the next few months we will be entertained from all decks by humpbacks and later southern rights migrating north to the Great Barrier Reef returning in the spring with the pods' new babies. They've been in Antarctica all summer feeding and they head north with a purpose. On their way back in spring they often hang around here for days with their babies barely a hundred metres off shore breaching so high they sometimes clear the water. For all intents and purposes they are playing. Last year one in particular, here for over a week with her baby was the talk of the town.

      Maybe I should get my hard copy AJN delivered by whale mail. They can pick it up in Melbourne on the way up.

    5. That sounds awesome. I only saw one in my life, out by the Sea Lion Caves, a few years back when I lived in Oregon. He or she was on its way elsewhere, though, and didn't come over to answer the questions my father and I had for it. ;)

  6. I've made some additions to this post and am in the process of cross posting it to Greens politicians face books including Shoebridge.

    Can you think of any other party where a State upper house MP has no compunction about taking the running on a foreign policy matter when there is a federal election campaign on and his federal colleagues are doing everything they can to keep stum about Israel?

    Here's Shoebridge's Facebook page. The cross post and thread is about half way down the second column. Do join the fun.

    1. It's not half way down. It's near the top.

    2. "It's not half way down. It's near the top."

      Would that be your directions or mine? I'm nervous about applying the terms "down" and "top" when given by someone hanging by their feet.


      Oh well, look on the bright side: At least you use weights and measures I can understand, unlike those #@^%$ Yanks and Limeys (you call 'em Pommies, right?) who think their "It's 105 in the shade right now" is instantly comprehensible to the rest of the world.

      Ozzie Ozzie Ozzie Oi Oi Oi.

  7. I've made a few comments around the place. He isn't interested. He won't even read them. It's all about him and his loony Left supporters and Israel haters.

    Did you read the comments from residents of Shoalhaven Council in regards to their CCTV cameras.?

    There is no issue in regards to getting your AJN on line. It's simple.

    How are your parents.? Give them my regards