Monday, May 20, 2013


I just heard a report about dozens of school children dead.

This is devastation.


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    1. What really rends the heart-strings is that apparently an elementary school collapsed killing dozens of children.

      Or so, at least, television news yammered at me earlier today.

      Yeah, this is terrible.

    2. The news is live and full time on CNN and Fox here with Australian news stations broadcasting feeds. It's getting worse by the minute. I watched CNN a couple of hours ago and the news was bad enough then with seven kids dead but with twenty missing. I just watched Fox and the latest is much worse. There are about twenty children dead but another fifty people have been confirmed dead but not yet retrieved. Most of them are expected to be kids from the school.

  2. Americans are nearly unique in the world for eagerly grabbing a toolbox, jumping into their car and going off to help people in need, unasked, in situations like that. It is almost without parallel anywhere in the world.

    1. You're right. It is rare but not unique. The same happens here also prone to natural disasters. I doubt that it happens much in Europe.

      A friend lost her home in the Brisbane flood in 2011 and I was able to get there within hours of the water receding and the roads opening. The army and police were everywhere and soon the streets were swarming with volunteers. All day strangers walked in and just joined the work. Others dropped off ice, food, clean water hot drinks ... It went on for days. Some of these people had driven hundreds of miles.

      It may be because of the recent "settlement" cultures. Large numbers of people reliant on one another in a new and dangerous place. I have no doubt Israel is the same.

  3. Hurricanes over there, tornadoes over there... My gosh, here in Israel, though we have an earthquake every century to couple of centuries, most of our troubles are man-made. (Uh, what this blog is about.)

    I really can't appreciate what Americans are going through with this. Still, Empress Trudy's remark about people helping each other resonates with me—it would be the same in Israel.