Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Really Smart Guy Turns Out To Be Just Another BDS Dummy


Really smart guy, Stephan Hawking has given in to BDS pressure. Too bad. Then again he's just one in a long line of British BDS jerks.

British theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking, 71, pulled out of a conference organized by President Shimon Peres, as a protest of Israel's treatment to the Palestinians, The Guardian reported Tuesday overnight.

The fifth President's Conference, which features the tagline "Facing Tomorrow," is set to take place in Israel next month.

Hawking, that chose not to announce his decision to pull out of the conference publicly, wrote a letter to Peres telling the president he decided "to respect the boycott, based upon his knowledge of Palestine, and on the unanimous advice of his own academic contacts there," the Guardian reported.
So first he accepted, and then after probably a zillion letters from antisemites everywhere he changed his mind. Or MAYBE......he's looking for a part time gig as bass player for Pink Floyd.


  1. Oh for G-d's sake, Stephen Hawking?

    Isn't it bad enough that the Phillies just beat the Giants two games in a row in San Francisco?

    And now you have to give me this??

    It's like some sort-of cosmic conspiracy!

    I think that you and Jay and Hawking are putting your little pointy heads together to mess with me.

    That's what I think!


    By the way, Doodad, I love your title.

    1. If my head is pointy, it would only be due to a fantastic fork truck mishap, for the record... ;)

    2. Zito, my eye!


      (Halladay's headed for surgery, and wants to come back. Not sure how smart that is. He's a first ballot Hall of Famer, and he'll always be remembered fondly in Philadelphia. For his own health and well-being, I hope he calls it quits and we can both move on...)

    3. I'm telling you, man, were it not for the fact that the Jews of the Middle East are a people under siege I would much prefer to write about either baseball or the culinary arts.

      Standing up for Israel is not fun.

      And standing up for Israel is not easy.

      And if you do want to stand up for Israel - which is to say if you do want to stand up for the Jewish people - you have to do so despite the fact that it means standing up against prevailing trends within our own political movement, the progressive-left.

      It also means standing up against some progressive-left Jews who will drag your name through the mud for daring to do so.

      You have to be strong to be a friend to the Jewish people. It is something like being a Cubs fan with the added zest that your friends and family are perpetually threatened with murder.

      {Oh, and leave Barry Zito alone! He's the come-back-kid.}

    4. Certainly understood. I'd much rather prefer to write about basketball and urban planning, myself.

      It's the bigoted enemies of our people who are responsible for refocusing most of my current attention to these issues, which said issues shouldn't even be an 'issue,' when you think about it, these days...

      But yeah, exactly what you said.

      (I'll leave Barry alone when you leave My Man Jonathan alone! I didn't start this, heh...)

    5. Deal!

      I wonder what the score is, anyway?

      Don't tell me!

      We're taping the game for later.

    6. Great inning for Jonathan.

      Heading into the 6th. I won't mention the score, but to see a 22-year old kid keep his composure on the road, under such circumstances, in the bottom of the 5th, speaks very well for my trust in him for the future!

      If Tyler Cloyd can come back up and prove to be a solid end-of-rotation starter, I do believe my 'dump all the old guys by the trade deadline and contend again by 2015' plan can work...

  2. A very disappointing decision.

    I very nearly said something else.

  3. http://www.thecommentator.com/article/3470/an_open_letter_to_stephen_hawking

    An Open Letter to Stephen Hawking
    Prof. Hawking's boycott of Israel proves that even the world's greatest minds can be inherently flawed

  4. Hoax.

    Boy, the BDS people truly are vile.

    Surprise. Surprise.

  5. The pro-Israel blogs are ahead of the newspapers on this story, btw.

    The JPost and YNET are still reporting that Hawking has joined the BDS, but the Elder and Israpundit are pointing to a university spokesman who says that the good professor is pulling out for medical reasons.

  6. Apparently the story was not a hoax.

    I think that I need some Valium... or perhaps a ball-peen hammer to the temple.

    1. Doodad's title seems to hold, then. ;)

      My takeaway is that the guy is ignorant, and possibly a latent bigot. Like so many others throughout history. Big deal.

      He's aligned himself with a hate group, much to his shame. Just like when, say, a coop most people in their own wet, backwoods Washington 'city' haven't even heard of, banning average hummus from their shelves, I suspect this will have the exact same effect on Israel's thriving. Which is to say, none.

      I wouldn't get too excited over this story, either way, myself...

  7. Yes he stands behind the boycott thing. Dr Hawking needs to throw away his Intel based computer he uses to communicate with the outside world:

    I would also ask the Good Doctor to disavow all the ALS research being done in Israel for whatever time he has left.

    Because it's self serving nonsense to sign up for something in order to very publicly later on pretend to be shocked at the event's existence. Tell you what Dr. Hawking, you need to be banned from Israel forever and all self respecting Israeli academics should stop working with you. Prick.

    1. Signing on to Trudy's comment...

    2. Seconded. Empress Trudy's constant theme of an "equal and opposite reaction" is always a pleaser. And it's also something a professor of physics would understand...

      See also Steven Plaut's proposal. If I find myself thinking it's a bit too harsh, I remember that Hawking just came out in support of the Hamas Islamonazis, so it isn't.

      On another note, my takeaway from this: Britain's in deep trouble. Those are her elites; between them and the Islamic immigrant-colonists, the United Kingdom is in a situation not to be envied.

  8. Btw, if his 'academic' contacts "unanimously agree" on this, I would suggest that such 'academics' are kind of lacking the certain free-thinking requirement I'd generally assume would be present in such a group.

    I'd love to know who these folks are.

    I don't believe that claim, for the record, but even if it was true I wouldn't be too shocked. These would be the very same echo chamber sorts oldschool has mentioned in the past, I'd imagine. The more they tell themselves they 'know,' the less connected to reality they actually are.

  9. Israel Matzav has the full text of his decision on his site but what I like is that blogger's comments:

    "Let's put it this way. If Hawking had come to the conference and announced "In my opinion that the policy of the present Israeli government is likely to lead to disaster," he likely would have been applauded by about half the Israelis there, and no one would have questioned his right to his opinion.

    On the other hand, had he gone to Ramallah or Gaza and announced "In my opinion that the policy of the present [Fatah/Hamas/'Palestinian Authority'/'Palestinian'] government is likely to lead to disaster," he would have had problems getting out alive."


    So true so true. Maybe Hawkings should be using high tech Palestinian technology to communicate...oh wait....

    1. "Maybe Hawkings should be using high tech Palestinian technology to communicate...oh wait...."

      I wouldn't put down their scientific achievements so crassly, Doodad.

  10. PRICELESS, Zion. Absolutely priceless.

  11. Stephen rawx in his field of expertise. When he ventures into world affairs, he’s just Hawking up eugenics.