Sunday, May 19, 2013

More Heritage Theft

Mike L.

A big Tip 'O the Kippa to Palestinian Media Watch.

In a recent op-ed by Adel Abd Al-Rahman for the PA daily, Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, Mr. Al-Rahman told his readers this:
Easter... is not a holiday for Christian Palestinians only but a holiday for Palestinian nationalism, because Jesus, may he rest in peace, is a Canaanite Palestinian. His resurrection, three days after being crucified and killed by the Jews - as reported in the New Testament - reflects the Palestinian narrative, which struggles against the descendants of modern Zionist Judaism, in its new colonialist form, that conspires with the Western capitalists who claim to belong to Christianity.

Jesus, may he rest in peace, the virtuous patriotic Palestinian forefather, who renewed the Old Testament, split away from its followers, brought forth his New Testament and spread it among mankind - which led the Jews to persecute him until they caught him, crucified him and murdered him. Afterwards, he rose from the dead like the phoenix and set out to spread his teachings that still exist and will exist as long as mankind exists.

Jesus' story is his [Palestinian] people's story; the Zionist movement - tool of the capitalist West - wanted to falsify historical facts, to exile and crucify the Palestinian Arab nation and then murder it by means of ethnic cleansing... But the Palestinians, Jesus' descendants, rose from the ashes, like the phoenix, from the ruins of the Nakba (i.e., "the catastrophe," the Palestinian term for the establishment of the State of Israel) and the Naksa (i.e., "the setback," Palestinian term for Israel's victory in the Six Day War.) They dressed their wounds and raised the flag of nationality again by founding parties and factions...

Easter is a distinct [Palestinian] national holiday which doesn't concern only Christians but rather all Palestinians believing in the different religions - Islam, Christianity and Judaism."

[Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, May 6, 2013]
One of the more vile tactics among Arab residents of Israel, and many of their supporters, is the attempt to fabricate a "Palestinian" history out of whole cloth while seeking to erase 4,000 years of Jewish history on Jewish land.

Itamar Marcus and Nan Jacques Zilberdik, in Palestinian Media Watch, write this:
Having no ancient Palestinian history, the Palestinian Authority has tried for many years to convince its people that they have a history going back many thousands of years, that there was an ancient Palestinian nation, and that one of the great figures of history, Jesus, was their “forefather” and they are “Jesus' descendants.”

The fact that in Christian tradition Jesus is a Jew from the nation of Judea and that the historical record has no record of a Palestinian Arab people, is not taught by the PA. The PA also ignores the fact that Rome only changed the name of Judea to "Palestine" after the Judean Bar Kochba Rebellion in the year 136, long after the death of Jesus. Furthermore, according to Christian tradition, Jesus did not marry, had no children, and therefore Palestinians could not be "Jesus' descendants."

The following is another presentation of Jesus as a Palestinian. According to this op-ed in the official PA daily, Jesus the Palestinian was oppressed and persecuted by the Jews, similar to today's Palestinians, who are likewise oppressed and persecuted by the Jews. Nonetheless, just as Jesus was resurrected, so too "the Palestinians, Jesus' descendants, rose from the ashes," the op-ed states.


  1. This is pretty pathetic when it comes anyone that cares about history.

    Palestinians disseminate disinformation on a daily basis and so many of the smart, tuned in people believe it.

    It would be a great college course to explore case studies of how easy it is to create false impressions these days, and particularly among the "educated."

    I'd like to see a fair test developed for college professors and other experts regarding the basic facts of the Middle East and the conflict. The results would be illuminating.

  2. We have college courses like that every day. They called Mideast Studies Departments. I believe the last Hebrew speaker was drummed out of the UNC
    Chapel Hill's department a few years ago.

    1. To my knowledge, there is not enough research about the means by which people are indoctrinated to support things that are based on fallacies, whether in politics or other aspects of society.

      We have so much knowledge at our disposal, yet people seem generally misinformed, including those in power. We sure make lousy decisions about so many things.

      That is what the class would explore.

    2. This sounds to my ear like a graduate seminar in sociology or political science or, perhaps, even history, depending upon the scholarly inclinations of the professor.

      I think, tho, that what School had in mind was a relatively straightforward and brief test on pertinent facts around the Arab-Israel conflict for professors in the humanities and social sciences to see what little they may actually know about the topic.

      I think that this is a smashing idea, but of course it will never happen.

      Maybe someone should alert David Horowitz, because I bet he would love it.

  3. So is the question why are death cults and conspiracies irrational? Because they're death cults. The great mistake is trying to dissect hate cults as a rational exercise. They're emotive, semiotic. They play to hatreds because they lay below the surface, somewhere between the brain and the alligator brain, in the limbic system.

    One certain attribute of conspiracies that they DEFY evidence. Whatever you show them, there's a reason why it's wrong. The LESS evidence there is of something the stronger they believe it - of COURSE there's no evidence...because THEY hid it from us.

    This is why antisemitism is the most enduring hatred; it combines both death cult thinking and conspiracy cult thinking. They hate us because there's no evidence to the contrary and they hate us because they always have.

    When Jews didn't have a nation they hated us because we weren't deserving of one. When we got a state they hated us because we had one.

    We own all the banks and yet always have our hands out because we're broke. We control all media...which is universally opposed to us. We control all governments....which all work to exterminate us...because we deserve it, and we're too weak to stop them. And of course we're at the heart of the deepest blackest biggest supernal conspiracy in the history of people....that everyone already knows about. The Bolsheviks called us Capitalists, the Fascists called us Communists. The Arabs calls us white slavers while the westerners call us brown-black-non white mud people. And let's not forget that the whole internet knows everything about the Talmud; after all the one I use is 67 volumes and was only translated into English last year. And you still need a fairly good knowledge of Biblical Hebrew and Aramaic to be sure - you could probably put all the people who study Talmud in your city in one room. But seemingly it's a roadmap for baby eating and world domination we've all memorized.

    See? It fits every need. Whatever you need to kill or hate or fear, the Jews are there to fill every order.

  4. all of the Negev is a 'settlement' now

  5. There ought to be a poster campaign taking a leaf from the Neturei Karta / Satmarer traitors. Their slogan is "Jews aren't Zionists" (right; true Jews kiss Hitlermonkey in Tehran /sarc). The new Zionist slogan should say:

    Arabs aren't Palestinians.

    Optionally, with "Only Jews are Palestinians" added.

    Palestine = Latinate for the Land of Israel. Palestinian = of or pertaining to the Land of Israel. The only nation with an inherent, objectively real and not happenstance or contrived connection to the Land of Israel is the Jewish nation, meaning that the only Palestinian nation is the Jewish nation.

    Time to set the record straight. Overdue or not—doesn't matter; I don't believe there's an expiration date for this needed campaign.

    (BTW, I was held up for the past few days because of unexpected personal events I had to attend to. All OK now, apologies for the delay extending beyond what I'd planned.)

  6. Why even use the word?

    The Arabs of the mandate are the local Arabs or Arab citizens of Israel or Arab residents within Israel or even the Arab colonialist-settlers within Israel.

    What they are not is some distinct and separate nation.

    If the government of Israel wants to fork over Jewish land to form yet another Arab state in the Middle East, that's up to them. Certainly it's what I've advocated all this time.

    But let's make no mistake.

    Whether Israel gives up Jewish land, or does not, it is entirely up to them.

    I still favor the two-state solution, although I think that it should be done without consultation or negotiations with the Arab residents of Israel, because they are simply not to be trusted... oh, excuse me, their leadership is not to be trusted.

    I want Israel to wrap this thing up, Zion.

    I want Israel to declare its final borders and throw the keys over its shoulder.

    Good-bye and good luck.

    That's what I say.

    1. I would guess that you and I fully agree on how to settle this, then, Mike.

      I would also personally oppose land swaps, since the Arabs of the region certainly have no shortage of their own; but if Israel decides that is the way to go, I'm with them on that.

      What would be most beneficial, in my opinion, would be to press the neighboring Arab nations on their mistreatment and abuse of their ' Palestinian' populations. Keep pressing on that, and always throw that question back to them.

  7. Mike,

    "Why even use the word?"

    It's the core of the message to the world that we're on this land by right. To a world increasingly brought up on the lie that we're invaders and that a Jewish nation-state is a foreign implant in the region.

    "Whether Israel gives up Jewish land, or does not, it is entirely up to them."

    There's a whole world of international busybodies who disagree with that. They say the land isn't Jewish and it isn't Israel's to give. That's what I want fixed by means of, among others, the "Arabs aren't Palestinians[, only Jews are Palestinians]" slogan.

    Of course, you might suggest Israel doesn't need to fix the world's perception, can just ignore it and plow on. Frankly, I sometimes vacillate between this line and my other one. Yet, even when I think carrying our message is a lost cause—not often but sometimes I do—we still need to convince ourselves of the rightness of Zionism. The deterioration of Israel in stature has been made possible in no small measure by Jews (including Israeli Jews) who have lost the plot, lost the belief in the rightness of Zionism and bought into the anti-Zionist lies.

    "I want Israel to declare it's final borders and throw the keys over its shoulder."

    I don't see how it would wrap things up. The hostility and its threat would remain; as for non-Arab, non-Muslim opinion, it too would stay hostile, for it was hostile even back when Israel was confined to its "internationally-recognized" borders.

    Don't ask me what the long-term solution is—I simply have no idea. For the short term, I believe pushing the narrative back is a good and effective thing we can do.