Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Egypt Is Falling.


The military has announced a coup; Morsi is out, the constitution has been suspended and a "code of ethics," has been issued for all media. This   may be the largest protest in all of human history.  The US isn't saying much but Egyptians are saying a lot about Obama et al.

(check the link for lots more pics)

Couldn't happen to a nicer Jew hating country. Who's next?'s what Arab "intellectual," Angry Arab (friend of many a Kossack) has to say:

When the revolution begins in Egypt

You know the revolution has begun in Egypt when there would be no Israeli embassy in Cairo.  That would be a sign.  We are far from witnessing a revolution.


  1. I find this very hopeful.

    I have no illusions about Egypt, but anything that can stop political Islam is more than welcome.

  2. They will still hate the Jews! At the end of the day though, the downfall of the Muslim Brotherhood regime is a welcome development.

    It would have repressed its own people, exported terrorism and increased the prospects of future Middle East wars. In the short term, that danger has been averted.

    But Egypt's future is far from rosy.

  3. Israeli Embassy? Get a grip man, soon there won't be any standing buildings in Egypt. It will look like Stalingrad before it looks like Antwerp.