Friday, July 26, 2013

Turks Arrest Israeli Renegade Spy-Bird

Mike L.

According to Y-net:
Turkish authorities have "cleared a renegade bird captured in the Ağın district of the eastern province of Elazığ on suspicions of working for Israel's state-of-the-art intelligence agency," the Hurriyet newspaper reported Friday.

According to the report by the Turkish newspaper, residents of Altınavya village became suspicious that the little kestrel could be more than a bird that lost its way when they found it wore a metallic ring stamped with the words "24311 Tel Avivunia Israel," and delivered it to the district governorate.

Local authorities submitted the bird to careful medical examinations to ensure that it did not carry microchips. An X-ray test carried out at Fırat University in Elazığ finally convinced the authorities that the bird was "just a simple specimen of Israeli wildlife," Hurriyet reported, adding that the bird had been registered under the name "Israeli spy" by medical personnel.
I absolutely adore these kinds of stories!

If ever I am having a down day all I need to do is think about Massad-trained sharks cruising the coasts of Egypt or, perhaps, the Israeli Squirrel Counter-Terrorism Squad and a smile will automatically return to my face.

The funny thing is, for all I know the Israelis are using spy-birds.  I suppose that it's possible, but what was the list of Israeli-related zoological conspiracy theories again?  There are Israeli sharks and Israeli vultures and Israeli Bee Eaters and G-d Only Knows what else.

If you wonder just how it is that a tiny minority of Jews in the Middle East are able to hold off their much more numerous Arab rivals in that part of the world all you need to do is consider these stories and the answer becomes pretty self-evident.

Being the object of genocidal intent by one's much more numerous neighbors has a way of grounding people in reality.  On the other hand, holding genocidal intent toward one's neighbors is strictly the stuff of delusional thinking.  If I have to play a game of chess with one or the other, I will choose the latter because I will have a much better chance of winning.


  1. How dare you insinuate Israel's opponents are not of sound mind! At least they don't label their wildlife spies...


  2. Of course the bird is a spy. How else are the man eating giant white rabbits going to find their way without a spy bird in the sky?

    1. Well, y'know, Geoff, I hear those Jews are pretty smart. I have terrific faith in Israeli technological ingenuity, thus can the Man Eating Giant White Rabbit Zionists be far behind?

    2. Actually, why don't we make that Man Eating Giant White Rabbit Zombie Zionists.

      They'll be, oh, about 8 feet tall and entirely white accept for the blue Star of David centered in their forehead. They'll have sharpened claws and sharpened fangs and will be trained experts in counter-terrorism, counter-insurgency, demolitions, military weaponry, including tanks and fighter jets.

      And Little Snort will be their commander.

      I like it!

  3. Is it a bird?
    Is it a plane?

    No it's Super spy !!!

    Paranoia to the max. It reminds me of something I wrote in my distant past.

    Blame it on the JOOOOOOOS !!!!