Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Jerusalem Declaration

Mike L.

I just received an email from United with Israel that calls for the continued unification of Jerusalem.

This is something that I very much support.  Jerusalem is the Jewish capital in the way that Paris is the French capital or that London is the capital of England.  The Arabs control about 99 percent of the Middle East, so they certainly do not need the Jewish capital for a twenty-third Arab state.

I would encourage you guys to sign the declaration below:
'Peace Talks' Starting: Support a United Jerusalem!

The 'peace process' is about to begin. Israel has already paid a heavy price by agreeing to release terrorists to jump-start the talks, due to extreme pressure by world leaders. Whether you agree or disagree with that decision, Israel will no doubt come under tremendous pressure to give away parts of Jerusalem to the Palestinian Authority, for the sake of 'peace'. We cannot let this happen.

NOW IS THE TIME TO ACT. We urge everyone who believes that Jerusalem must forever remain the undivided capital of Israel to sign and forward the 'Jerusalem Declaration'. With your help, our goal of presenting 250,000 signatures to Prime Minister Netanyahu and Jerusalem Mayor Barkat can be reached very soon. We already have more than 150,000 names!

Sign now --> www.unitedwithisrael.org/declaration

Please join Israel's friends around the world in showing strong support for a united Jerusalem. Everyone who signs will have their name added to the huge 'Keep Jerusalem United' banner that hangs from the Walls of Jerusalem!

If you've already signed, please FORWARD this email to everyone you know. If you have not yet signed, click below to sign right now:


Throughout history, the eternal connection between the Jewish People and Jerusalem has been unbreakable. We must do everything we can to keep Jerusalem, the capital of Israel, a united city. And only Israel can guarantee free and open access to Jerusalem for all peoples and religions.

We urge you to circulate this email throughout all of your personal networks.


1. Sign your name to show support --> www.jerusalemdeclaration.com

2. Become a 'Guardian of Jerusalem' --> www.guardianofjerusalem.com

3. Donate to United with Israel --> www.unitedwithisrael.org/donate

4. Email your friends --> www.unitedwithisrael.org/email-your-friends

The People of Israel thank you for your support at this critical time.

We ask you to please FORWARD this email to everyone you know.


  1. Replies
    1. Jerusalem needs to be the line in the sand.

      If the Jews of the Middle East wish to give away a portion of our historic homeland to the local Arabs, if it will honestly mean peace, then I am for it. I am therefore in favor of a two-state solution.

      But Jerusalem should be non-negotiable.

      I am not even certain that Israel is even viable without its capital united.

      The country is just too damn small and the hatred toward it from the surrounding population is just too damn great.

  2. I signed it.

    Seriously, if Israel agrees to redivide Jerusalem, the Jews had better start swimming.

    Stupidity seems to be a Jewish art form these days. We can still though, pray for a miracle!


  3. What I find interesting is the position of the Arabs of Jerusalem who would end up back in "Palestine" under a division proposal. I'm sure on the surface they are all good "Palestinians" of one stripe or another. They would have be insane to give up the services and benefits of the Israeli state.

    This is all shadow boxing. I think everyone knows this is not going anywhere so the art will be not to give the Israel haters a propaganda victory. When these talks fail it should be as clear as possible why they did.