Saturday, July 6, 2013



  1. Those candle's flames look positively cool compared to the 95 degrees (35 C for our Metric system friends!), with stifling humidity, we're experiencing today in this miserable summer.

    It's probably well over 100 (40 C) on the pavement here in our inner city rowhouse neighborhoods.

    For the first time in about five weeks, it hasn't rained for two straight days! Of course, now the air outside feels like walking through hot soup, instead.

    I have no air conditioning at home, and according to the thermostat it hit 90 inside for the first time this summer a few hours ago. I have all the windows open, and all fans going, and it's managed to drop 'down' to 89 in here, but still...


    1. We just got over a pretty brutal heatwave here in the Bay Area.

      It's finally cooled down, tho. Which is good because we've got a bunch of people coming over today.

    2. Enjoy the company!

      My daughter's traveling with her dance school for a national competition this week and next, so I'm not heading up to NJ again until the end of the month.

      I actually just realized that even though it's technically hotter outside than it is in my apartment, the breeze out there makes it feel cooler. And there's a block party two blocks over. On a block that has a few street trees, too! I'm gonna head on over there in a few with a six-pack of Sly Fox and an idea to sit in some tree shade while shooting the metaphorical breeze and taking in the literal one... ;)

    3. Why not stroll down to the beach and take a dip in the ocean?

      Oops. Sorry.

    4. Actually, out here I can take a train (four trains, actually - Atlantic City line and North Jersey Coast Line for the Jersey Shore; LIRR for NY beaches; and SEPTA down to Delaware) out to the wooder! Unlike Oregon... ;)

  2. Got it down to 88 in here!

    Now it's time for sleep... ;)