Sunday, July 14, 2013

Glorifying the Slaughter of Jews

Mike L.

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Giulio Meotti has a piece published at Arutz Sheva entitled, I Am Going to Vandalize the Vile Museum in Paris.  

One of my ongoing contentions is that the progressive-left, as a movement, no longer represents its own alleged values, if it ever did.  Because the left has sacrificed ideals of universal human rights on the altar of a misguided and counterproductive multiculturalism, they cannot bring themselves to stand up for the violently oppressed women in the Middle East nor Gay people who are hung from cranes there nor, of course, the tiny Jewish minority which remains under siege by a vast Muslim majority riven by genocidal anti-Semitism.

Meotti writes:
When you don’t protest it allows things to get worse and worse.

What would Jews or other people with a conscience do if a famous museum in London, Paris, Berlin, Madrid or Rome glorified the Holocaust through the exhibition of Jewish ashes, bones, glasses and hairs? I imagine, or at least I hope, that some brave Jew would smash these “artistic artifacts”. Because any person, regardless of his faith and political ideas, would have to find that kind of exhibition disgraceful and intolerable.

That is why I am planning to visit Paris within the next few weeks. I will stop at the Jeu de Paume museum, Place de la Concorde. Not to contemplate the wonderful paintings of Degas, Monet, Cézanne, Van Gogh or Renoir. No, I will be there to vandalize the Palestinian Arab photos exhibited there, which calli to murder Jewish children, teenagers, mothers with infants and elderly couples in the land of Israel.

The Jeu de Paume’s vile exhibition of 68 photos entitled “Death”, by Ahlam Shibli, glorifies Palestinian terrorists who burned Jewish flesh. I am wondering why no Jewish intellectual or activist has smashed this “artistic exhibition” which commemorates Palestinian Arab hyenas, the terrorists of the “road without glory”, as the Jewish Resistance member Bernard Fall called it. Ambassador Zvi Mazel did it in 2004 with a similar, satanic show in Stockholm.
Every generation the Jewish people are told just why it is that we need to be killed.

In the Middle Ages in Europe it was because we allegedly murdered Jesus.  In the nineteenth and twentieth centuries it was, at various times and various places, either because we come from a loathsome "race" or because we were agents of international capitalism and, thus, an enemy to the proletariat or because we were agents of international communism and, thus, an enemy to liberal democracy.

In the Arab world, today, we are still considered the "children of apes and pigs" as well as white, western imperial usurpers.  This last bit of hate-filled propaganda came out of the Soviet Union and was spread by western progressives into the Arab Middle East where it was picked up by people such as Yassir Arafat.  Today in the west, through all sorts of political-left blogs and newspapers and think tanks and universities and museums, such as the Jeu de Paume museum, Place de la Concorde, the "invisible tag-line," as Meotti writes, is that “Jews are vermin, Arabs are liberators”.

This is what the western left has come to and what truly slays me is that they still think that they deserve our support.

I tell ya what, when the progressive-left decides that it is going to stand up for universal human rights and decides to stop glorifying the murder of Jewish people then I will consider returning to the movement and throwing my support behind it.

In the mean time, not so much.


  1. Really?

    I've only glanced at his stuff - because, in truth, I have a very hard time stomaching hatred toward the Jewish people or the Jewish State - but is it really as bad as all that?

    If you have the inclination, Geoff, feel free to leave one of his more egregious quotes here for our consideration.

    In the mean time, my intention is to merely begin the process of recreating, and rethinking, much of the argument that I have developed here and giving it to Free News.

    A good place to start is with the fact that anti-Zionism, as an ideology, represents the contemporary form of genocidal anti-Semitism.

  2. Some background information:

    Harvard's Nazi Ties, by Stephen H. Norwood

    "When I began researching how the American academic community responded to the Nazi persecution of the Jews in the 1930s, I expected to find some troubling episodes. But what I discovered is far more disturbing than I ever anticipated. ..."

    Are We Reliving the 1930s? - How West European Philosemites became Antisemites before the Second World War, a talk by Simcha Epstein (Video) )

    The Secret War Against the Jews, by John Loftus and Mark Aarons

    "The authors demonstrate that numerous Western countries, especially the United States and Great Britain, have conducted repeated and willful spying missions on Palestine* and later Israel over many decades. While on the surface these two countries and others profess to be ardent allies of Israel, they work, in fact, through their intelligence services to betray Israel's secrets to the Arabs. Their motive: oil and multinational profits, which must be attained at any price through international covert policies. To understand the duplicitous nature of the West's diplomatic relations with Israel, the authors contend that one must understand the history that begins after the end of World War I with the sordid Mideast exploits of a British diplomat, Jack Philby. They then proceed into a detailed discussion of the boardrooms of American and English bankers and lawyers who had strong connections with Nazi leaders and Arab oil tycoons in the 1930s prior to the outbreak of World War II. Particularly intriguing is the information that the writers present to suggest an all-too-cozy financial relationship that existed between the Allied intelligence community and German banks even during the war. ..."

    America's Nazi Secret: An Insider's History, by John Loftus

    "Fully revised and expanded, this stirring account reveals how the U.S. government permitted the illegal entry of Nazis into North America in the years following World War II. This extraordinary investigation exposes the secret section of the State Department that began, starting in 1948 and unbeknownst to Congress and the public until recently, to hire members of the puppet wartime government of Byelorussia—a region of the Soviet Union occupied by Nazi Germany. A former Justice Department investigator uncovered this stunning story in the files of several government agencies, and it is now available with a chapter previously banned from release by authorities and a foreword and afterword with recently declassified materials. ..."

    America's Soul In the Balance: The Holocaust, FDR's State Department, And The Moral Disgrace Of An American Aristocracy, by Gregory J. Wallance

    IBM and the Holocaust: The Strategic Alliance Between Nazi Germany and America's Most Powerful Corporation, by Edwin Black


    Note: * "Palestine": The British Mandate of Palestine

    1. Today

      Johann von Leers and Walt/Mearsheimer, by Clemens Heni

      "Most people think that the book 'Israel Lobby' by Stephen Walt and John J. Mearsheimer was published in 2007 -- at the same time in the US and in Germany, by the way. Well, the first edition of that book was rather published in 1940 -- by leading National Socialist anti-Semitic publicist Prof. Dr. Johann von Leers. Von Leers published “Kräfte hinter Roosevelt” (“Forces behind Roosevelt”) in Berlin in 1940. ..."

      Yale's latest gift to anti-semitism - by Abby Wisse Schachter

      "Yale University last week killed the Yale Initiative for the Interdisciplin ary Study of Antisemitism -- the only program of its kind in the country, an academically stellar one-stop anti-Semitism research shop. Worse, it almost certainly did so because YIISA refused to ignore the most virulent, genocidal and common form of Jew-hatred today: Muslim anti-Semitism. ..."

      Big Oil Underwrites Anti-Israel Conference, by Cliff Kincaid

      Anti-Semitism 2.0, by Mudar Zahran

      "The concept of the ‘evil Jew’ has made a well-disguised comeback: Criticizing Israel and Zionists, is now deemed a legitimate option to cursing Jews and Judaism. Not only is it open, socially acceptable and legal, but it can actually bring prosperity and popularity. This new form of anti-Semitism 2.0 is well-covered-up, harder to trace and poses a much deeper danger to the modern way of life of the civilized world than the earlier crude form of it, as it slowly and gradually works on delegitimizing Jews to the point where it eventually becomes acceptable to target Jews, first verbally, then physically -- all done in a cosmopolitan style where the anti-Semites are well-groomed speakers and headline writers in jackets and ties; and not just Arab, but American and European, from ‘sanitized’ news coverage of the most bloodthirsty radicals, to charges against Israel in which facts are distorted, selectively omitted or simply untrue, as in former President Jimmy Carter's book on Israel. ..."

      Lies, lies, and lies about lies, by Denis MacEoin

      Is the US an ally of Israel? - A chronological look at the evidence, by Francisco Gil-White

      Does Israel Benefit from US Foreign Aid?

      And, by the way, the U.S. government's financial "aid" to Israel is a very small fraction of the economy of Israel.

      The economy of Israel is based on the global private investment in the technological (high-tech, medical, environmental, etc.) innovation developed by Israelis at Israeli companies.


      And, by the way, the U.S. government gives more financial aid, in total, to Muslim states in the Middle East than the U.S. government gives to Israel.

    2. “But I am a Zionist!”, by Clemens Heni

      "The art of the intellectual is to have his/her finger on the pulse of the times, in terms of both politics and social theory. Peter Viereck (1916-2006), almost forgotten today even in the USA, was such a splendid artist. In 1940, in light of Nazi Germany and World War II, he wrote in a brilliant article: “But I am a conservative”, which became a beacon for conservatives in America, so to speak. In doing so, he decidedly turned against his own father, Sylvester Viereck, an enthusiastic Nazi who was the first foreign journalist to interview Hitler in the early 1920s. Even more, it was a wake-up call in America, against the “liberals” and “leftists” who praised the Hitler-Stalin Pact as well as the USSR as a bulwark against war. ..."


      “History doesn't repeat itself, but it does rhyme.”

      -- Mark Twain


      The way stop the Western war against Israel, and the way to stop the Western collusion with the Islamic supremacist political movement:

      Tell the facts of the history and current reality of the situation that Israel is in to Western people, and, most importantly, to the American people.

  3. I'll do that Mike but here's the rub. The guy is utterly obsessed with the evil of Israel and the appalling crime against humanity it represents. But he of course is so disgusted by any suggestion of being driven by antisemitism it is infra dig to even respond. And ... you know what I'm going to say

    I would not be at all surprised if he is of Jewish origin and may even identify as a Jew. It's got to that point.

    I agree we should accept Thuy Le 's invitation which is clearly in good faith. Obviously it will be impossible to engage Morris at his level but to not accept her invitation would be to leave her platform to a dangerously malign voice.

  4. Thank you Daniel. I guess I meant they are back in the open now. There may have been a brief period when it seemed they mostly had gone away but I can hardly remember it now.

    Interesting about the Thomas of Monmouth appointee. It goes back a long way.

  5. Thank you, Geoff.

    But, by the way, when I wrote that Theobald of Cambridge was "promoted..." by Thomas of Monmouth, what I meant is that Theobald of Cambridge was "referred to..." by, and therein "popularized..." by, Thomas of Monmouth.

    And, yeah, it goes back a long way.

    But it can stop - if Jewish people will stand up for themselves -- by verbally defending themselves -- by telling the truth -- telling facts which dispel lies that vilify the Jewish people.

    Thank you for standing up for the Jewish people. Thank you for verbally defending the Jewish people. Thank you for telling the truth. Thank you for telling facts which dispel lies that vilify the Jewish people.

  6. Empress Trudy,

    You wrote:

    "Did you know Meotti isn't Jewish?"

    Yes. And Clemens Heni isn't Jewish, and neither is Matthias Küntzel, and neither is Mudar Zahran, and neither is John Loftus, and neither is Francisco Gil-White, and neither are many other people who have verbally defended the Jewish people.

    Something that Jewish people have to get over is the feeling that it's not "natural" for non-Jewish people to verbally defend the Jewish people.

    This mindset that Jewish people have held is part of the internalized anti-Jewish bigotry that Jewish people have held, which is a result of the trauma of their being continuously persecuted and oppressed and libeled for over two thousand years.

    Standing up for a wronged violently attacked libeled people is "natural" for all good people.

    Jewish people need, more than anything, non-Jewish friends and allies -- non-Jewish friends and allies who will stand up for them.

    Jewish people need to seek out non-Jewish friends and allies -- by telling the facts of the situation that they, Jewish people, are in.

    Dr. Catherine Chatterley (who is not Jewish):

    "...One of the things that I really don't like to see that really really worries me is the increasing isolation of Israel, and of Jews in general, from non-Jews. And I'm talking [about] in Canada. You know, when my mother's hairdresser is taking the time to complain to my mother, who is not Jewish, about the [supposed persecution of] the Palestinians ['Palestinian' Arabs] in Israel [Judea and Sameria ("the West Bank") and "the Gaza Strip"] this is indicative of the fact that this has become, now, a common concern of your average Canadian. Whether this woman has any accurate information is completely questionable. This is serious. And I'm not trying to ring alarm bells. It just is. ..."

    "...Non-Jewish allies are absolutely key in this. There is no question about it. can't just be Conservatives...We need non-Jews across the political spectrum."

    -- Catherine Chatterley: The effects of IAW (Israel/apartheid week on campus) -

    Catherine Chatterley's web site:

    Dr. Catherine Chatterley's Institute:

    Canadian Institute for the Study of Antisemitism

    Videos of lectures by Dr. Catherine Chatterley:

    Uprooting Antisemitism Through Scholarship and Education, by Dr. Catherine Chatterley

    What is Antisemitism and How Does It Affect the Conflict?, by Dr. Catherine Chatterley, University of Winnipeg, Middle East Week, March 2013


    And, again, a crucial documentary:


  7. Off-topic in a specific sense, but on-topic in a general sense, and very important:

    A message by an Egyptian:

    A message to Obama & Americans رسالة الى أوباما و الشعب الأمريكى

    The English message starts at 0:40 in the video.

    Transcription of the English message:

    "Dear Mr. Obama, I'm talking to you today on behalf of a lot of Egyptians who wants deliver a message, not only for you, for all of the American citizens. Leave us alone. All the families in Egypt want to tell you this message. Leave Egypt alone. Please, Mr. Obama. And stop supporting the terrorists. Stop supporting the friends of Omar Abdel-Rahman, the terrorists who killed lots of Americans. Stop supporting the allies of Ayman al-Zawahiri, of Pakistan, of Taliban. You are giving them the full support by calling what's happening in Egypt a military coup. It's not a military coup. It's a revolution done by a civilized people -- civilized Egyptians who are counted officially more than thirty million. If you don't know, and I don't know [if] the media showed, Mohamed Morsi was actually calling his people for violence, for blood in the streets. And these fanatics, and these Islamic supporters of him are blindly following him. These Islamic people are the ones who celebrated the killing of the American Ambassador in Libya. They went in the streets and they were celebrating it. These people who Mr. Obama is supporting are the people who are in their prayers asking God to destroy United States. Yes, these are the people that Mr. Obama is supporting. Mr. Obama, face the fact, and tell your people, that what happened in Egypt was a real revolution against the tyrant called Mohamed Morsi, against the regime. Our army is our shield. And we don't want to be in a state of war with the United States. We don't want this. We are friends of the United States. We are friends with the whole world. From eighty-five million Egyptian, I'm sending you this message of love and peace, and asking you, Mr. Obama, to stop supporting Mohamed Morsi and the other terrorists in Egypt. We are the Egyptians and this is our revolution. We believe in our Egypt. And we respect the Americans, and we respect your country, so please respect our country. And respect our freedom. We called for this freedom, and we will die for it. Egyptians and the army are one. We made it, and the army supported us. You, also, Americans, should support us. I'm sending you this message of peace and love -- and prayers; pray for Egypt."

  8. Trudy, the Arabs inherited a type of Jew Hatred from Europe.

    When Arabs tell the world that Israel is a racist, imperialist, colonialist, militaristic, apartheid, racist regime, that is the noise from Europe.

    These notions are not indigenous to the region, but progressive-left imports.

  9. Corrective clarifying note:

    In my previous comment, I transcribed and wrote:

    "...You know, when my mother's hairdresser is taking the time to complain to my mother, who is not Jewish, about the [supposed persecution of] the Palestinians ['Palestinian' Arabs] in Israel [Judea and Sameria ("the West Bank") and "the Gaza Strip"] this is indicative of the fact that this has become, now, a common concern of your average Canadian. ..."

    Therein, my writing "[supposed persecution of]...['Palestinian' Arabs]", and my writing "[Judea and Sameria ("the West Bank") and "the Gaza Strip"]", was my own interpretation of, and my own commentary on, what Dr. Chatterley said which I transcribed.