Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Savages Go Nuts in the United States

Mike L.

I normally like to stay on topic at Israel Thrives, but they also rioted in downtown Oakland, smashing up cars, including police cars, and throwing garbage cans through windows.  The evidence be damned.  The truth be damned.  What counts is that they did not get the verdict that they wanted.


  1. So, you know for a fact that George Zimmerman is guilty of second degree murder and that, therefore, violence against innocent people in the streets of major American cities is justified?

    Or am I misunderstanding your comment, Randall?

  2. George Zimmerman is no saint but he has class - more class than his enemies who are upset he wasn't lynched!

    Anti-white racism, aided and abetted by the Left is alive and well in this country. Good riddance to Randall Kohn and his savage ilk!

    1. I actually feel bad about Randall.

      He thinks that this was an open and shut case, as he expressed to me in a personal email.

      I do not understand how people can have such certainty and I despise the way that this case has been used as a racial club.

      I feel like we are being manipulated.

    2. I do think that in addition to NBC, Zimmerman should take that Brit outcast Piers Morgan to Court for defamation.

  3. What does this shit accomplish? It's infuriating. If I ruled the world (imagine that, heh), I'd identify everyone involved in these riots and banish them from LA or Oakland forever.

    (the idiot 'progressives' who root on, excuse and / or apologize for the destruction of our cities, and the neighborhoods and businesses of those of us who live in them, can put their money where their mouths are for once, and host these people in whatever little suburb they live in - how's that for an idea?)

    And why is this shit always happening in Oakland? I love that place. I meant to live there once. I did make it there for a month or so, but life circumstances intervened and I made the mistake of leaving again. What I loved most about Oakland, aside from Fruitvale's taco trucks (of course!), is that it's almost certainly the most diverse city in the US. The perfect weather year-round doesn't hurt, either. Heh.

    All I'll say about Zimmerman is that he has piss-poor judgment, and if he's gonna go chasing people around he should probably at least develop the hand skills necessary to back up his wannabe tough guy persona without having to go around shooting people once they start kicking his ass. As for the jury decision, it was the right one based upon the cases both sides presented.

    I'm very pro-gun. I also live in the most violent big city in the US, where probably 70 or 80 kids Trayvon's age (rough guesstimate, the number of black teens killed by guns may even be higher here in a city with over 300 murders a year) have been victims of fatal gun violence over the past year and a half. Nobody's ever heard of them, though, because there isn't any sensationalist media angle to a story of some 17-year old getting shot outside a Chinese take-out in Fairhill or West Kensington or Strawberry Mansion or elsewhere here throughout North Philadelphia.

    If any rioting of any sort whatsoever could possibly ever be justified, let's focus on the lowlifes who are committing genocide against their own people in cases like these.

    I'm sick and tired of punks pulling out guns to solve their problems. As an urbanist, I'm also sick and tired of hearing about small business-owners having to close their shops down, and board up the windows, for a week every time some media-fueled, racist firestorm brings the shit down into our neighborhoods which need the most help these days. As an inner-city resident who will stay one for the rest of my life, I've been fortunate enough so far to not wake up to the wonderful music of trash cans being thrown through my window, or cars being flipped over and set on fire outside. I do hope I can still say the same thing as my time begins winding down in a few decades.

    Eh, sorry. Just had to rant. Not sure if any of the above makes too much sense, but it helped getting it out.

    1. Jay, ultimately it's all just bread and circuses.

    2. Jay, this is right on:

      "the idiot 'progressives' who root on, excuse and / or apologize for the destruction of our cities, and the neighborhoods and businesses of those of us who live in them, can put their money where their mouths are for once, and host these people in whatever little suburb they live in - how's that for an idea?"

      See, that's the thing.

      You and I both live in heavily diverse urban environments in which we do not need to see this kind of chaos on youtube or the television. All I need to do is catch the 58L downtown and I get the joy of seeing it first hand!

      The truth is that the US is among the least racist countries on the entire planet today. This was not the case decades ago, but it is the case now and we should be proud of that fact.

      Anyone who thinks that this is not true should consider the degree of racism that is absolutely rampant throughout the Muslim Middle East.

      Part of the reason that I voted for Obama in 2008 was because of how historic it is to finally elect a black man to the White House. It signifies a remarkable advancement forward in what is a very brief period of time.

      The problem, really, is not American racism.

      The real problem is that the Civil Rights Movement - which I grew up admiring - cannot accept victory, or something near victory, because there is too much money on the line.

      That's what this really about, y'know.

      Money and politics.

      What it's not about is either George Zimmerman or Trayvon Martin.

    3. Hell, every bus, El / subway and trolley here in the SEPTA City Transit Division (possibly excepting Northeast Philadelphia above Frankford and Bridesburg; but even there, Asians and Hispanics are bringing very-welcomed, American-style tolerant diversity to neighborhoods above Mayfair) is a textbook picture of our melting-pot ideal.

      Anyone who, like me, has ever relied mainly upon the 3, the 5, the 39, the 60, the 54, the 25, the 89 and the El, knows what we both know.

      A good chunk of the rest, unfortunately, have no clue, and therefore it makes them susceptible to the generally accepted media narrative that people in the places they don't know are all violent and angry(!) and that therefore, riots should be accepted and supported.

      But this isn't true.

      In fact, acceptance of same is merely another form of humanitarian racism.

      When businesses are being trashed, and waiters are being hit in the face with hammers, and folks who are just trying to go about their lives are being terrorized by people who obviously don't work, what with their having the freedom to roam the streets at 1 AM tossing trash cans through windows and turning over police cars and setting them on fire, etc etc, those who cheer on and / or excuse this kind of violent, anti-social behavior need to be called out on it.

      They expose themselves for exactly who and what they are, and they all need to be completely discredited once and all, forevermore.

      "The truth is that the US is among the least racist countries on the entire planet today. This was not the case decades ago, but it is the case now and we should be proud of that fact."

      Concur. But pointing this out is probably considered 'racist' to some, Mike. ;)

      We here in the US are by no means perfect, but to claim otherwise in the days when we have an African-American president (who I voted for twice), and in the days when my city, the fifth-largest city in America, has an African-American mayor (I'm a strong supporter of Mayor Nutter, btw) and an African-American CIty Council President (Darrell Clarke), is simply ridiculous.

      Anyone who thinks that this is not true should consider the degree of racism that is absolutely rampant throughout the Muslim Middle East.

      This, also too.

      Nobody is denying the troubling history of race relations we've had here, and still do have in some cases. But to claim, on 07.16.13, that the US is still an inherently racist country, pushes one beyond the realm of being taken seriously.

      At least, in my opinion...

  4. So Breivik of you. Thanks for showing the Rand you have.

    1. Choomin,

      You know nothing about Breivik except what feeds your prejudice.

      Indeed, you practice what you accuse in others.

      Should someone say that you have the mentality of a Sharpton or Hasan?

    2. I wasn't even sure Choomin's comment was in English. Bravo to you for apparently deciphering it, School... ;)

  5. This is just another sad episode that shows how easy it is to whip up animosities over race.

    The truth is no one will ever know, as the juror said last night, but so many think they do with certainty.

    If they would have found differently, it would have been a miscarriage in my view because the evidence clearly created a reasonable doubt, and the state seemed to be acting in bad faith.

    Zimmerman himself is a minority, and did not seem to have any history or pattern of racism, so the state's story did not ring true.

    Nevertheless, starting with the NBC falsification of the 911 transcript that made Zimmerman into a racist, the regular forces became involved and the rest went out the window.

    Now the people have a cause to support anti-racism, a diversion, while the black community festers in violence and squalor. Not many civil rights leaders or critical theorists seem to care about that in their midst. They have another agenda.

    It's too bad that it's so easy to divert people to look away from issues that affect them most, and to see that those who they follow don't really care.

  6. Well of course we were being manipulated; by the press and by the professional race mongers. What strikes me is how little rioting has actually occurred despite the dire predictions. This says to me that the majority of black America is not as gullible as some believe. Good for them.

    1. It appears to be an LA and Oakland thing, unfortunately. Here in the largest Black-plurality city in the US (as of the 2010 Census, Philadelphia is 42% non-Hispanic Black, 37% non-Hispanic White, 12% Hispanic and 6% Asian, with a couple 2 or 3% Native American and 'Other') nothing of the sort has happened, and nothing of the sort will.

      Regardless, at some point, I would like to think that one day those in the press who encourage and spark this shit will learn their lesson and begin to take their responsibilities a bit more seriously. And also, to implement my "ban violent rioters from the cities they destroy" plan, as well.

      Al Sharpton and Victor Cruz can host some (they certainly have the financial means, after all), and the online 'progressives' who applaud their acts can all pitch in to host the rest. Seriously, let's do this.

    2. Kudos to your city and the many others like it. To Hell with the destroyers and rabble-rousers.

    3. Thanks, Doodad. I wish I believed in a hell, so that I could feel vicious criminals, race-baiters and suburban riot-cheerleaders had such a fate eventually awaiting them.

  7. This is why we can't have nice things.

  8. There was also this from Baltimore:

    Baltimore police say they are investigating a witness account that a group of black youths beat a Hispanic man near Patterson Park Sunday while saying, "This is for Trayvon."


    Why do so many believe that minorities are immune from practicing overt racism. Are they not also people?

    1. Reasonable, non-racist people, would agree that racist violence is racist violence no matter who the perpetrators and their victims are. The answer to your question is that those who believe same are hardly as 'anti-racist' as they would like to believe.

    2. I'm not even sure white guilt sums it up, though. In the Zimmerman case, what we actually have, despite his 'white-sounding' surname, is a self-identified Hispanic man who was the victim of a race-baiting media circus.

      In the Baltimore assault School notes, it apparently seems that an Hispanic man was posibly attacked in 'revenge' for a jury verdict his alleged attackers didn't agree with.

      I want these attackers found, and brought up on federal civil rights charges, if what is claimed is true. Seems an open-and-shut case, to me.

      Will we see such a thing?

      I highly doubt it.

      The Feds are probably too busy trying to stretch out a malicious prosecution even further, for PC reasons...

  9. Well at least they didn't shoot an unarmed teenager to death... I guess property damage is worse then murder at this blog..

    1. Ah, yes. 'Property damage' now includes violent physical attacks with deadly weapons on waiters, too, apparently...

      And even if one would disregard that, you remind me of somebody at Daily Kos, just before I left there, who argued that Occupy's tossing of firebombs at office buildings in downtown Portland was not a violent crime.

      (Yeah, because destroying the physical property of people and setting fires in dense urban areas has no negative impact on others whatsoever!)

      Your words betray you as a privileged, comfortable advocate of horrible situations you've never experienced and never will experience.

      It's truly astonishing how violent and racist the thinking of people like you are, even as you claim to be 'anti-racist peace activists,' and whatnot.

    2. Ask the loved ones of Robert Neary and Daniel Sweeney, and the numerous other firefighters everywhere else, who have died in the line of duty since last April, how 'property damage' can't possibly lead to death, troll.

    3. What you say might makes sense if you could show that it was not a matter of self-defense. But you cannot, can you, so you use your prejudice to presume.

      The looters were not threatened, but wanted to show us all what how they define social justice.

      Why must you impugn those who can see a difference that your prejudice will not allow you?

    4. Not even then would it make sense, though, School.

      If Zimmerman is guilty, he should make a case for same. Instead, he is excusing and apologizing for inner city riots.

      Choomin is right now defending murderous violence, in an all-too-typical insanely hypocritical 'progressive' way.

      He is a privileged, comfortable advocate of violence being carried out in neighborhoods other than his own.

      He is safe and sound in his insulated little suburb, and he can even maybe drive over to his 'local' Applebee's and shout "burn baby burn!"

      He is making excuses for hard-working people being hit in the face with hammers, for downtown restaurants having their windows smashed in and for liquor stores being vandalized, etc etc, all in the name of some vague, unidentified form of 'justice,' which apparently doesn't care too much about hard-working people being hit in the face with hammers, or downtown restaurants having their windows smashed in, or for liquor stores being vandalized, etc etc...

    5. Has anyone been murdered in this murderous violence yet? LOL the only way you can even argue is with wild exaggerations. Since by creating straw men you don't need to argue about my actual points.

    6. And you have run from the points made repeatedly, leaving us with prejudiced standard fare.

    7. All he can do is run, dodge and deflect because he has no points to make of his own. This juvenile fool is only here to carry out his favorite internet pastime, which is harassing Jews. What a sad life he must lead.

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. I have some even worse news for you, Nagaura.

      Nobody here based any of their arguments even close to along the lines of what you apparently fantasize in your head, considering your second sentence. Can you please point out where this has happened?

      (And I'm a man, too. Congratulations, Nagaura! Shall I buy you a beer? Or do you want a cookie? What?)

      Yet you continue to insist on trolling Jews.

      Why is that, may I ask?

      What is your point here?

    2. Wow, that was a quick deletion.

      Please do be sure to come back and tell us what a strong and powerful man you are around this same time next month, Nagaura.

    3. What was Nagaura's assertion?... I wonder to myself, aloud.

    4. Weirdly enough, Mike, he claimed that we are racist against Hispanics.

      He made some kind of claim that he is half-Hispanic, and that in some way this post and all of its comments is racist against Hispanics.

      He didn't follow up any further than that upon his fantastically stupid claim. I'm guessing because even people like Nagaura have a limit when it comes to astonishing stupidity.

      (He also, of course, said "O have bad news for you, I'm a man!"... whatever that means. I suppose it's some sort of veiled threat that he's going to beat us up or something...)

      I have absolutely no clue where he got that from, but there you go. it's no wonder Jews have continued to thrive throughout history, with complete drooling simpletons like him as our enemy... ;)

  11. Why are muslims rioting for Obama`s wannabe son.

  12. I think you should expand your thesis into a more sensible form, or pull a 'your namesake.'

    This blog is for reasonable discussion of serious issues, not racist-tinged one liners.

  13. No Jay is wrong (as usual). This is a blog for those times when stormfront is down so that super racists like Jay and his friends can post garbage about "savages" going "nuts".

    This blog can only be sustained through old European and English imperialist racism. That's the only way they can justify their ideas and opinions on events.

  14. Living on the other side of the world I cannot fathom out how the American mind thinks.Why such a to-do about race and/or colour?

    A man stood trial for an offence. He was acquitted after a fair trial by a panel of his peers. He was found to be innocent of that crime.

    I just do not understand the logic behind this rioting. It doesn't matter what colour, race, creed, religion, nationality the parties were. The guy was found to be innocent of the charge.

    That's it finished.

  15. Better than the racism of the anti-racist, authoritarian critical theorists that you appear to exemplify, along with the standard dose of moral superiority, that hurts most people besides themselves.

  16. What we are seeing is the way that once prominent political movements, like the Civil Rights Movement in the United States, maintain a degree of power through the manipulation of the general population.

    It's not cynical, by the way. For example, I do not believe for one moment that Jesse Jackson is in it just for the money. He was there, after all, when Martin Luther King got shot.

    But times change and political movements sometimes outlive their value. The US today is, in fact, among the least racist countries on the entire planet. We have come a very long way in a very short period of time, but those who have built their careers on the Civil Rights Movement are not capable of acknowledging that.

    But what matters even more than that is that people, such as myself, who grew up nodding our heads at the platitudes of the movement cannot easily give it up. Because our sympathies have become so ingrained it is very easy to get people to jump like trained seals at the blow of a whistle.

    None of us really know what happened at the moment of confrontation between Zimmerman and Martin, but when civil rights leadership scream to the heavens that this is a case of a young black man being murdered by a white racist for no other reason than that he was black, we definitely stand up and take notice.

    All I can say is, thank G-d Zimmerman wasn't Jewish! Can you imagine the circus if he had been?

    It gives me the willies just thinking about it.

    1. "Psychological projection: The attribution of one's own attitudes, feelings, or suppositions to others."

      By the way, in the past, when I was ignorant and naive and deluded, I ideologically supported Ralph Nader. And, by the way, in the past, when I was ignorant and naive and deluded, I viewed Noam Chomsky as being a truth-teller. And, by the way, in the past, when I was ignorant and naive and deluded, I sought out, and tried to find solace in viewing interactions in, and supported, "Palestinian"/Israeli - Arab/Jewish -- so-called "dialog groups" / so-called "Peace groups" (in which, by the way, the Arab members of those groups emotively and sanctimoniously libeled Israel, and in which the Jewish members of those groups expressed empathy and compassion for the Arab members of those groups and falsely "confessed" to the alleged "crimes of Israel" and supported Arab members of those groups libeling of Israel). And, by the way, in the past, when I was ignorant and naive and deluded, I falsely "confessed" to fictitious supposed "crimes of Israel".

      And by the way, I still feel compassion for, in general, the conglomerate group of Arab people who are now called the "Palestinians" -- the 'Palestinian' Arab people.

      And, by the way, on another note, many times when I heard Martin Luther King's "I have a dream speech" speech I felt like crying. I felt like crying in sympathy with the speaking of Martin Luther King's speech and with the words of Martin Luther King's speech.

      And, I, now, still feel compassion for African-American people in general -- even though the members of the leadership of the African-American community are, in general, now corrupt and bigoted anti-Jewish and bigoted anti-White, and even though much of the African-American community is bigoted anti-Jewish. African-American people are in a difficult situation, and, in many cases, are suffering, and I feel compassion for them. African-American people, in very many cases, are very ignorant. African-American people are being used and manipulated by their own leaders and, most influentially, by the corrupt bigoted criminally negligent and deceiving contemporary American mainstream news mass media and White bigoted contemporary "Progressives".

      GeneralChoomin, go know yourself.

      "I find it shameful and see in all this the rise of a new fascism, a new Nazism. A fascism, a Nazism, that much more grim and revolting because it is conducted and nourished by those who hypocritically pose as do-gooders, progressives, communists, pacifists, Catholics or rather Christians, and who have the gall to label a warmonger anyone like me who screams the truth. ..."

      -- Oriana Fallaci, "Vergognosi gli attacchi a Israele" ("Shameful Attacks on Israel") -- http://www.oerby.dk/sider/Oriana%20Fallaci.htm

      A documentary:


    2. Dan,

      "I find it shameful and see in all this the rise of a new fascism, a new Nazism. A fascism, a Nazism, that much more grim and revolting because it is conducted and nourished by those who hypocritically pose as do-gooders, progressives..."

      One thing that it is important to keep in mind is that the original Nazis, the National Socialists, were in fact highly idealistic as a group.

      They also believed that they were doing what was in the very best interests of their own people and, much like progressive-left anti-Zionists today, blamed the Jewish collective for a whole variety of crimes and sins and made-up abominations.

      Progressive-left anti-Zionists today, like Choomin, are not Nazis in the sense that they are not members of the National Socialist German Workers Party, but they are "Nazis" in the sense that they fill the role of contemporary Jew Haters through creating and fostering violent hatred toward the Jewish people.

      Choomin is not an actual Nazi, but for all intents and purposes he might as well be.

      And with that Choomin's banning goes back into effect.

      That may seem rather capricious, but thankfully this is my joint and I am under no obligation to publish everyone and anyone who crawls out of the woodwork.

    3. Correction to, and clarification of, some things that I wrote in my previous message:

      What I meant, in my previous comment, is that:

      In the past, because I was ignorant and naive [not because I was deluded], I ideologically supported Ralph Nader.

      In the past, because I was ignorant and naive [not because I was deluded], I viewed Noam Chomsky as being a truth-teller.

      In the past, because I was ignorant and naive and deluded, I falsely "confessed" to fictitious supposed "crimes of Israel".



      I'm aware that anti-Black bigotry today comes from all quarters, including, from, of course, some people who are members of the political Right. But the amount and degree of anti-Black bigotry that comes from the political Right today is nowhere near what the members of the contemporary Left think that it is and what the members of the political Left propagate lies which intend to make it seem that it is. And the intended and actual political policies of the political Left are more harmful to African-American people than is what is my understanding of what are the intended political policies of the contemporary Conservative movement (which, by the way, is, in general, a Classical Liberal political movement).

      And it is not anti-Black bigotry that is the most detrimental bigotry that exists in Western societies today, and it is not anti-Black bigotry that is the most detrimental and most pervasive bigotry that exists in the world today. And it is among the political Left that the most detrimental bigotry that exists in Western societies today and that is the most detrimental and most pervasive bigotry that exists in the world today - anti-Jewish bigotry -- most resides in Western societies today. And it is the political Left today that is the most bigoted and the most totalitarian (and, as part of that, the most ignorant and the most arrogant and the most misinformed) large political group in Western societies.





      By the way, here is Bill Whittle, a highly regarded spokesperson of the American contemporary Conservative movement:

      GAY MARRIAGE (Virtual Press Conference)

      Bill Whittle on holy war against Israel ( & liberals' unwillingness to acknowledge & confront it)

      And, by the way, Bill Whittle on Obama:

      Afterburner with Bill Whittle: It's a Miracle!

      And Bill Whittle on the American mainstream media’s libelous coverage of the Tea Party movement (and on "Political Correctness" and the Marxist Frankfurt School):

      MUST SEE Political Correctness Exposed! Marxism Communism Frankfurt School: End of Freedom

      But this is just an aside.


      Again, what is most important is this:


    4. Correction to wrong link which I listed in my previous comment:

      Afterburner with Bill Whittle: It's a Miracle!


      But again:


  17. You're not even putting your heart into your trolling anymore, Choomin. This is an exceptionally poor performance.

  18. This African-American nonsense incenses me. They are either African or American and seeing as to how they are now so any generations removed from Africa, I think they should be plain American and I don't give a hoot as to what the skin colour is.

    We get here Italian/Australian. Greek/Australian. If you are born here you are Australian.

    Just imagine this, my children could well be Russian/Polish/Spanish/Dutch/English/Australian. To think my grandchildren can add Hungarian (heaven forbid) to that list.

    1. Gonna disagree with you here. African-American is a well-established identification of an ethnicity within our melting pot nation. The term doesn't mean either / or. Rather, it signifies that they are both. They are ethnically / racially African, and nationally American.

      What's wrong with that?

      On my mother's side, I have cousins who are African-American and Hispanic-American.

      My daughter would be well within her rights to call herself a Filipina-American, as her mother is.

      This is one of the beautiful things about America many of us here cherish. It isn't nonsense.

      To each their own, is how I would view it. As long as any given person isn't waging war on our country or society...

    2. Sorry Jay. I can't stand this hyphenated race thing. The American Blacks are American. The same as I am English. I am not Polish/Russian/English.

      I am far from alone in my thoughts and there is certainly a big push to do away with it.

    3. Shirl,

      Saying "Black people" doesn't necessarily mean American people. Saying "Black people" could refer to Black people from/in Africa. So I wrote African-American. I now realize that I could have said "American Black people" or "Black American people", but I didn't formulate that concept when I wrote what I wrote (because I was under stress when I wrote what I wrote, because the OCD that I have makes it stressful and difficult for me to communicate in writing), and when I wrote what I wrote I felt that probably what was the most appropriate thing for me to write was "African-American".

      And I felt uneasy about saying "White". I felt like I should have said something such as what I now realize is "ethnically European" (but I was under stress because of the OCD that have and therefore didn't formulate that concept).

      And these things are a hodgepodge of tangled stuff that is being construed at this time in the West by people in the West. These things are classifications that aren't really important, I think.


      I agree with what Jay wrote about the hyphenation of ethnicities with American nationality.

      I think that America is unique in this. There is no official default ethnicity in America. Everyone feels free to identify as being from the ethnic heritage that they are from. And, at the same time, everyone identifies as being the same nationality -- American. Everyone feels American. At least that's the way it has been, at least for most people. Different ethnicities, different cultures (in certain "superficial" aspects -- food, clothing, dialect, etc.), mixing together to some degrees, and sharing with each other to some degrees; and, in certain "superficial" cultural aspects (clothing, language, etc.), mainly adhering to certain "superficial" aspects of West-European-derived culture (clothing, language, etc.); and adhering to one set of essential cultural values -- Judeo-Christian West-European liberal democratic values -- American values; and one national identity -- American.

      And, by the way, the hyphenated term that would be applied to ethnically Jewish American people (whether ethnically Jewish-Polish, or ethnically Jewish-German, or any other Jewish mixed ethnicity), and that has been applied to ethnically Jewish American people (whether ethnically Jewish-Polish, or ethnically Jewish-German, or any other Jewish mixed ethnicity -- which almost all Jewish people are), is Jewish-American.

      But I think that the current surge of the so-called "multiculturalism" rhetoric ideology has produced what which I think is, among some American people, a backlash against the hyphenation of ethnicities with American nationality.

    4. Hyphenation of ethnicity with American nationality: It's just a short-hand form of reference: At least that's what I've used it as. And I've used it mainly in writing -- in writing about these political issues -- the political issues that have been discussed in this forum.

    5. If you check back you'll see we have he same thing in Australia and I don't like it. If you are born here you are Australian full stop. As I pointed out my kids would be

      What further annoys me is the fact the country of birth is the last and would appear to be to be the least important.

      I say I am Australian. I then get "You have an English accent so you must be and English/Australian" "No I am Australian."

      Maybe I should say Russian/Polish/Spanish/English/Australian?

    6. "If you check back you'll see we have he same thing in Australia"


      "and I don't like it."


      And I understand your concerns.

      And I realize that the ethnicity/nationality thing is blurred -- especially recently -- in recent times -- with people being able to travel to other countries so quickly and with people therefore immigrating to other countries so much and, as part of that, intermarrying so much.

      And I think that maybe rather than using the hyphenated thing it may be more appropriate to use more clear definitions or clear explanations.

      But I'm sleep deprived right now so I think it's best if I don't write anymore now.

      But, in any case,

      Best wishes.

    7. Just don't call me a Ukrainian-American because then you'll have a fight on your hands!


  19. Daniel thank you for the THE NAZIS AND THE PALESTINIAN MOVEMENT link