Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Mike L.

One of our best and most prolific writers at Israel Thrives was Ziontruth.

Between May 6 and June 24 of 2013 "Ziontruth," a brilliant opinionator from Israel, wrote some of the very best material ever to be published at this blog.  I did not always agree with everything that Zion had to say, but I was exceedingly happy to provide him with a platform.  

The purpose of Israel Thrives varies according to the participant, but for me the main project is about changing the terms of discussion so that they better reflect reality and better serve the purpose of social justice for the Jewish people in the Middle East.  One of the main things that I will remember Ziontruth for, and that will influence my thinking going forward, is in his insistence that the native Jewish population of the Land of Israel are the indigenous "Palestinians."  From an historical perspective this is unquestionably the case.

I do not know if we will see Ziontruth again, although I certainly want him to understand that he is always more than welcome, but I also very much want to acknowledge his contribution.

Below is a list of the 16 pieces that Ziontruth wrote between early May and the end of June of this year.

I will catalog this material so that it is easily accessible from the front page going forward, but for the moment this will get me started.

A Big Tip 'O the Kippa to Ziontruth:

Anti-Zionism: A Racist Ideology

The Justice of Zionism

The Indigenous Argument

Respecting Our Enemies

Our Dignity Matters

Progressives for Ethnic Cleansing and Genocide

Then As Now, It’s About Ideology

A Realist’s Mistrust

The Druze Exception

Orthodox Judaism and Islam: A Nationalistic Conflict Still

The Nakba Stratagem

Confronted with an Uncharitable World

The Ease of Making Demands

Location, Location, Location!

Smaug’s Hoard

Single-Nation States and Modern Values


  1. Replies
    1. People come and go in this life, Shirl.

      That much is inevitable.

    2. People don't vanish for no reason. Don't you have his/her contact details?

    3. Shirl, I sent him an email, but he did not return it.

      My suspicion is that he simply said pretty much what he wanted to say and that's that.

      This place is always open to him if he wishes.

  2. You scared me at first when I read this. I thought something happened to him! I'll second your thoughts. Though I ultimately disagreed with his proposals, it was good to have him around here.

  3. I have an echo of a memory that Ziontruth remarked in a comment some time ago that he may disappear for an extended period but not to read anything more into it than the demands of his work.

    I think he'll be back. I certainly hope so. His voice is important here. The education value is beyond measure. So is everybody's.

  4. Yeah, why wouldn't he return. Did not strike me as having a thin skin or a closed mind, but as one that appreciated the discourse and that people see differently, but without judging.