Friday, December 27, 2013

An open letter to St. James' Church at Christmas

Michael L.

This has been going around and although I am not reprinting the whole piece it can be read in its entirety over at JDU.  Written by Michael Dickson, the Director for StandWithUs, Israel, here is the opening:
St. James’s Church, in Piccadilly, London, decided to celebrate Christmas by erecting a 26 foot replica of the wall section of the Israeli security barrier outside their church and project anti-Israel propaganda on it as part of their “Bethlehem Unwrapped” ‘festival’. 
Here is a letter I sent today to the pastoral and administrative staff of the church. 
You can see the extent, planning and money that went into this stunt on this clip.


  1. I like the idea I read elsewhere, that someone should display the unfortunately all-too-numerous faces of Israeli terror victims on their wall.

    I suppose that wouldn't exactly help advance their goal of demonizing Jews, though.

    1. The thing is, of course, they would certainly not agree that their goal is the demonization of the Jews.

      What they would argue, I assume, is that if only Israel would end the "occupation" and tear down the wall and stop generally being mean to the Palestinians then we could have a single, democratic, secular state with freedom for all its citizens.

      Wouldn't that be great?

      A single, democratic state from the river to the sea in which people of all ethnicities and creeds would live in harmony and peace, just as we see throughout the entire rest of the region.

    2. Yeah, exactly. That'll all happen the day unicorns begin to poop zhug. ;)

  2. I would toss buckets of blood red paint all over the front of the church.

  3. Check over at IsraellyCool

    We knew well in advance this was happening. The British Board of Deputies and StandWithUs UK have people standing there giving out leaflets

    1. What about plinking them with paintball guns as they enter or leave the church? According to their own ethos it shouldn't be a problem for them.