Thursday, December 26, 2013

Danny Ayalon Has Some Words

Michael L.

Ayalon is a member of Avigdor Lieberman's Yisrael Beiteinu party which, in the minds of our more close-minded co-religionists, makes him a cross between Charles Manson and the friggin' devil.  Most "progressive Zionists" despise Ayalon, not to mention Lieberman, far more than they do, say, Hamas.  The degree of hatred that gets poured onto people such as Ayalon by "liberal" Jews is fairly astounding.

Yet, if you watch the video you will see that he speaks simple and irrefutable truths.  One of those truths is that "Palestinian" does not represent a national group anymore than does say, Saharan or Amazonian or, as I would add, Californian.

The Jewish people, it must be understood, are under no obligation to recognize an alleged national grouping that came into existence within living memory for the sole purpose of undermining Jewish liberation and freedom via the elimination of the Jewish state.  One of the biggest mistakes that Israel ever made was in recognizing "Palestinian" as a legitimate national designation.

It is not.

And how it is that we go along with this obvious fiction is beyond me.  The so-called "Palestinians" are Arabs, no different culturally from Syrians or Jordanians or Lebanese.  They eat the same food.  They share the same religion.  And they speak the same language, because they are the same people.

Arabs control well over 99 percent of the region that they conquered.  The only part that they do not control is Israel and that is why the social construction of the "Palestinian" people emerged in the second half of the twentieth-century; in order to challenge Jewish sovereignty on Jewish land.

The other thing that Ayalon mentions which I would like to highlight is the ridiculous notion that Jesus was "Palestinian."  This is absolutely laughable and it says something that Mahmoud Abbas feels no embarrassment in repeating this hysterical lie.  The reason that he feels no embarrassment is because he knows full well that the western leaders will not challenge him on this obvious fiction.

One question to ask yourselves is, why they will not?

I would suggest that the primary reason for western-left condescension toward the Palestinian-Arabs is flat-out racism.  And make no mistake, this is primarily a left-wing fault, not a right-wing fault.  The political right is far, far less likely to pat them on the head like children and give them a cookie no matter what they say or do.

These may be unpleasant truths, but truths they are, nonetheless.


  1. Danny Ayalon is doing a great job. Melanie Phillips has castigated the Israeli Government' s poor record and lack of assertiveness in stating their position and allowing the situation to be exploited by propaganda on the other side. At last the need is being addressed.

  2. I never knew Danny was considered an extremist by the left. That must make me a fanatic. Oh well.

    1. Well, anyone associated with Yisrael Beiteinu is considered a minion of the devil.