Friday, December 6, 2013


  1. Props to PPD's 26th District and SEPTA Transit Police for cleaning up our neighborhood. They also made a repeat sweep on Wednesday night, resulting in three more arrests.

    York-Dauphin is my El station, and I live on this street. Ever since PPD and SEPTA cleaned up the area around the Somerset El station last year, the dealers, addicts and prostitutes merely moved down to Huntingdon and York-Dauphin. The 1900 block of E. Dauphin, in particular, was getting terrible over the past few weeks, and even though I'm sure the activity will simply move a few blocks away once again in classic whac-a-mole fashion, it still brings a sense of relief to know that the police are actually on top of it.

    I still think the insane failure that is the 'war on drugs' needs to come to an end yesterday, but it always makes me happy to hear of armed drug dealers taken off our streets, especially my own.

    Now if only the court system does its job, and makes sure the dealers stay off our streets for more than a few months. Particularly the ones connected with illegal guns (and I say this as a very, very pro-(legal)-gun American).

    Never a sure bet for the courts here in Philadelphia, though, unfortunately...

  2. Jon Haber of DivestThis! is back with a guest post at CIF Watch. Hope to see him around the inter-toobz more regularly again...

  3. Sparty!

    Michigan State is going to their first Rose Bowl in 25 years, after handing Ohio State their first loss in two years. I love those scrappy little bastards.

    Enjoy it while they can. Because Penn State's gonna lock the Big Ten down for good beginning in two years... ;)

  4. Son of a blizzard! It wasn't supposed to snow 4 inches already by 1! It was only supposed to be 'snow showers,' and wasn't even supposed to start until 3 or 4!


    Looks like I'm leaving for work about six hours early today...