Friday, December 27, 2013


  1. ASA's Jew Boycott face plant is becoming truly epic.

    Here's the current list of 72 universities they claim to speak for which reject the boycott, including four that have chosen to end their membership over this issue and ten who have denied altogether being 'member' institutions in the first place.

    1. The ASA mounted a counter assault using Richard Falk as their ideological foundation. I think we're done here. They are off on the silly insane fringes of the fever swamps now and anyone who comes across their members should spit on them.

  2. I'm gonna go ahead and say that tonight was the best football-game watching experience of my life.

    I'm superstitious enough that I will now be attending this very same bar for every Eagles game possible from now on.

    It is not exactly in my current neighborhood, but it's close enough. It is, however, in my future neighborhood, in which I will be buying my first, and last!, home, within the next three years.

    Fishtown ftw!!!