Tuesday, December 3, 2013

State Funded Incitement to Murder at San Francisco State University

Michael L.

Calls for anti-Jewish violence among Palestinian-Arab students, and their friends, has been a problem for my alma mater, San Francisco State University, for quite some time.

On Thursday, November 7, 2013, The General Union of Palestine Students (GUPS) at SFSU, in coalition with the Arab and Muslim Ethinicities and Diasporas Initiative (AMED), celebrated the sixth anniversary of a mural in honor of Palestinian-American scholar Edward Said, according to San Francisco Examiner reporter, Jonah Owen Lamb.

During that celebration some students held up signs that read "My heroes have always killed colonizers."

As noted by the prominent pro-Jewish / pro-Israel Elder of Ziyon blog, they "handed out stencils of a picture of Leila Khaled, the PFLP terrorist who was involved in two plane hijackings and several other terror attacks."

They are also selling t-shirts of Ms. Khaled on their facebook page claiming that "resistance is not terrorism."

Within the pro-Jewish on-line community this story was initially brought to our attention by my friend Dusty at Pro-Israel Bay Bloggers under the title, San Francisco State University: Dangerous Incitement to Violence.  

Dusty points out that SFSU's reputation is not exactly stellar in terms of its relationship with the Jewish people.

What I would suggest to the Arab students who care about such things at SFSU is that the Jews of the Middle East have been a tiny, oppressed minority under the heel of Arab-Muslim persecution since the rise of Islam in the 7th century.

For thirteen centuries the Jewish minority within the Middle East lived as a persecuted and reviled people for bigoted religious reasons and it was for bigoted religious reasons that Jewish numbers were kept artificially low under the boot of Arab-Muslim imperialism within the system of oppression known as dhimmitude, long before the modern state of Israel ever came into being.

The bottom-line, of course, is that the pro-Arab student organizations at SFSU have, essentially, called for violence against the Jewish minority and they do so, ironically enough, under the banner of social justice and human rights.

What I want to know is if SFSU president, Leslie Wong, intends to do anything about it other than murmuring platitudes about being "disturbed" and "dismayed" and having "concerns."

What the Bay Area Jewish community wants to know is just what Wong intends to do about a call for violence against the Jewish people on his own campus.

I intend for this to be a series of posts until we get a reasonable answer.


  1. You are behind the curve:



    1. Of course, I am, School.

      I have no desire to kick SFSU in the head.

      I still have friends on that campus and we are talking.

    2. I hear you, but this is part of the unfolding story to show how extreme this university supported group and its leaders are.

      I suspect that SFSU is not unaware. It sees resistance as primary, particularly over rights accorded to Jews.

    3. In a sane world that student would be kicked out of the University, banned from all other Universities and put on all kinds of watch lists. Commitment to a mental facility would probably be a good idea too.

    4. The unfortunate thing is the student isn't mentally deficient. His problem, rather, is that he subscribes to a violent, hate-filled, necessarily genocidal toxic ideology, anti-Zionism, which receives cover from way too many progressives.

      This student is just merely doing us all the favor of spelling out precisely what they really stand for.

  2. Aussie Dave uncovered this


  3. Michael

    Excuse my ignorance on this, but don't you have laws against this in the good old U.S of A?

    We do here.

    1. We tend to be big fans of the First Amendment and free speech, more generally, Shirlee.

      But I cannot speak to the legalities around hate speech in the US.

      What I know, for certain, is that The General Union of Palestine Students (GUPS) at San Francisco State University called for the murder of "colonizers," by which they mean Jews living on Jewish land.

      What I also know is that the president of the university, Mr. Leslie Wong, has done nothing other than offer platitudes.

    2. There is a semi-unspoken rule as it applies to universities that there's essentially no restrictions at all imposed on speech including hate speech if it's directed at people and groups it's PC to hate.

  4. Fair enough. Let's start a group calling for the kidnap and murder of the entire GUPS.