Sunday, December 22, 2013


Princess Trudy

We control all governments - which are nearly universally against us.

We control all banks - yet need total economic support from the US.

We control all media - which is also nearly universally against us.

We are colonialist invaders - while 3/4ths of Israelis were born there and 2/3rds are descendants of people from Arab countries.

Our 'Lobby' is massive - yet doesn't appear on a list of the 50 largest lobbying groups in America either by staff or funding.

We wage genocide on the Arabs - whose population since 1948 has at least quadrupled.

We practice apartheid (note - it's pronounced Apart-Hate) - yet there is not a single law that anyone can point to prove that point.

We practice a theocracy - while gay rights and secular law are the most advanced compared to nearly anywhere on the planet.

We wage genocide upon the Arabs and Persians - while they have killed a hundred times more of each other.