Sunday, December 1, 2013

This is Cultural

Michael L.

It doesn't even matter if these are Islamist rebels supported by the Obama regime - they are - or if they are Assad loyalists.

The question is, are we allowed to make cultural judgments or draw cultural distinctions or is that, too, considered "racist"?

Another question to ask is, how is it that so many well-meaning liberals in the United States support a president that gives money and arms to people who commit beheadings not only within the context of war, which is bad enough, but within the context of religion, which is just horrendous?

By the way, the victim in the video was apparently subject to a case of mistaken identity.  The murderers did, in fact, chop off the head of one of their allies.

Columnist Sarah Honig put it like this:
What would eventually be revealed as a case of macabre mistaken identity began at an Aleppo hospital, where a wounded man lay rambling incoherently. Somebody claimed he blurted out the names of Shiite holy men. Since Shiites constitute the military mainstay of despot Bashar Assad and his Alawite loyalists, nothing further was required to seal the fate of the semi-conscious patient.

He was dragged out of bed and it was off-with-his-head – as simple, as speedy and as savage as that. 


  1. Replies
    1. Who knows, Geoffff?

      What strikes me the most is the obvious fact that some people can act in the most amazingly barbaric manner possible, as we see above, and are almost entirely free from criticism on the western left.

      However, if I point to the above video and say something like, "This is not an uncommon practice within the Arab-Muslim world and has not been for very many centuries" it makes me the "racist" in politically-correct western eyes.

      They are ideologically-blinded fools.

    2. It doesn't even get reported. If it doesn't get reported it doesn't get absorbed. On the other hand there is nothing too florid to report about Israel. Home demolitions in the middle of the night. Ethnic cleansing. Child murder.

      We are in the presence of something very sinister.

    3. I will never forget the uproar over at dkos upon receiving word of a story about an Israeli soldier that shot a Palestinian toe.

      I kid you not.