Friday, December 20, 2013

You Don't Know What Apartheid Really Was

Michael L.

Check this out:

"You don't know what apartheid really was."

What I want, more than anything, is for the Jewish people to stand up for themselves.

The Jews are about .2 percent of the world population and if we do not stand up for ourselves, no one else will.


  1. The ignorance of the 'apartheid' smear is so overwhelmingly astonishing, that there really just simply is no other conclusion to draw, from those who use it, other than that they are vicious antisemites.

    There's just no other honest way to look at it, for anyone with a functional brain.

    1. The intention is to smear Israel as an "apartheid" country in order to bring about its eventual dismantlement.

      Israel is a tiny, little country.

      And the Jewish people are a tiny minority throughout the world.

      We used to represent significant numbers throughout the ancient world, but the Romans and the Arabs put an end to that.

      But what slays me is that we are now actually supposed to feel guilty.

    2. Short and right to the point, geoffff. Concur.

  2. We've not only got to stand up, but we've got to walk around, too, Mike!


    We took advantage of this beautiful December day (was sunny and hit 66 degrees in Philadelphia today, after a three-week long, wet and gray deep freeze with two significant snowfalls) to walk about ten miles in all, through my neighborhood and down on into Fishtown for breakfast, then hopped the El into Center City and walked along Market, down Broad, up South and all around Headhouse Square and the Independence Mall area.

    Walked past the old Congregation B'nai Reuben building, built in 1904, which was under threat of possibly being demolished not long ago, until trustworthy local business owners (they own two great South Philly bars in beautiful old buildings they've also fixed up) bought it, and now plan to convert it to residential use.

    I don't get down to those parts of town, which have Jewish history dating back to 1682, much anymore, but when I do it's always nice to catch up on the current state of the historical synagogues and bath houses and businesses and cemeteries, etc etc.

    The Jewish people are here to stay, Mike, don't worry.

  3. Btw, there is currently yet another robber roaming North Philadelphia taking advantage of Muslim head-and-face-wear to hide their identity. The two differences with this one is that this is a woman (they're usually males wearing full burqas), and she is also apparently unarmed (as of now).

    She's not completely stupid though, and she's clearly taking advantage of a weak spot in our 'afraid to insist that all people show their faces in public' culture around here.

    Workers in the barred and shielded bulletproof corner Chinese takeouts throughout Kensington and Fairhill are protected well enough, but for everyone else all it takes is just one determined (and armed) person like this to go on a rampage (or kill another police officer) and we've got a serious problem.

    I don't know about PPD's "Arabic" description (seriously, how the hell can they tell? and frankly, it does strike me as a bit bigoted - she looks pretty Generic American White to me, in the blown-up picture), but that's precisely the point. You can be anybody when all but your eyes are covered, and when nobody thinks twice (indeed, when some even completely avert their eyes for fear of seeming 'Islamophobic' or something) upon encountering masked individuals in public places anymore.

    The most wide-open place for such banditry I've ever seen in America is right here in North Philadelphia. I'm honestly surprised it isn't a much more common occurrence. But it does indeed happen.

  4. I also have no clue why Xi'an wasn't on today's itinerary (d'oh!), but my current favorite restaurant in Philadelphia was just written up at Serious Eats.

    I really need to try that big sauteed spicy chicken and biangbiang noodle dish soon.