Monday, December 15, 2014

80% of Palestinian-Arabs Favor Violence Against Jews

Michael L.

childWriting in the Algemeiner, Moshe Phillips and Benyamin Korn tell us this:
The Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research last week asked a sample of 1,270 Palestinian Arab adults in the territories what they thought of the recent wave of attacks in which Palestinians stabbed Israelis or ran them over with their cars. Eighty percent responded that they support such attacks.

Note that the respondents weren’t talking about theoretical future attacks. They were commenting on recent attacks which they know all about. Here is what they are endorsing:

—Ramming a car into a crowd at a train station in Jerusalem. The fatalities included a 3-month old infant.

—Stabbing an unarmed young woman standing at a bus stop in Gush Etzion.

—Axing and machine-gunning four rabbis at prayer in a Jerusalem synagogue.

Could the 80 percent endorsement be a fluke? A one-time aberration? A momentary lapse in good judgment, spurred by recent tensions?

Hardly. There is a remarkable consistency in Palestinian public opinion. The same polling institution surveyed 1,200 Palestinians in the territories in late September and found that 80 percent support resuming the firing of rockets from Gaza into Israel.
What slays me is that racist western-leftists will give no credence to any such reports because they conceive of non-white people as little children who are not responsible for their own beliefs or their own behavior.

Israel has agency, but only because Israelis are perceived as "white" despite the fact that about half are anything but.  Thus if 80 percent of Palestinian-Arabs think that killing Jews is a dandy idea, well, who can blame them, really?  Besides, traditional Arab theocratically-based bigotry against Jews is Israel's fault.  Never mind that the phenomena precedes the creation of the State of Israel by over thirteen hundred years.

The bottom line is that no one - not the Europeans, not the Obama administration, and certainly not the United Nations - will ever hold Palestinian-Arabs (those transcendent victims) responsible for anything.  Among their many accomplishments, they gave the world the suicide bomber.  The Palestinian-Arabs invented the suicide bomber, yet we are constantly told that they "deserve" a state.


The truth is, I can think of no people on this planet less deserving of statehood than the vicious and bigoted Palestinian-Arabs who are told by their leadership that their Jewish neighbors are the descendants of apes and pigs.  Now the Tibetans, these are people worthy of a state of their own.  They are riding out an occupation far more brutal than anything Arabs have to put up with from Jews.  They are doing so without much recourse to violence and, yet, they still receive one-tenth the sympathy in the west, if that, reserved for Palestinian-Arab terrorists who love violence.

Tibet's big problem is that it has the wrong enemy.

If it were Jews occupying Tibet than it would be an entirely different story.  In that case the Tibetans would receive endless attention, endless financing, and total sympathy for any violent acts that they might wish to carry out against the Zionist Aggressors.  Of course, for the analogy to work, Tibet would have to be the traditional homeland of the Jewish people, just as Israel is.

The truth, of course, is that the Jews of the Middle East are not "occupying" anything other than their own land.  Sorry, but Judea was Judea for one heck of a long time before the Jordanians dubbed it "West Bank" and western liberal Jews passively and shamefully complied with the robbery of their own people's history.

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