Thursday, December 4, 2014


Michael L.

beautyI love beauty.

As a man alive in the world I adore female beauty.

Laurie knows this to be true and friends going back to my UCONN days know this, as well.

There is nothing more natural in this world than a man's attraction to a beautiful woman.

Female beauty is like a drug to most men.  This is something that feminists never understood.

I want to do something that we never do here.

Instead of discussing the Arab-Israel conflict, I want to discuss beauty this evening.  Or, more specifically, the beautiful face of a beautiful woman.  Describing beauty is the hardest thing within art.

Beauty is also the most painful thing in this world.  Most people do not recognize this, but it is true.

Beauty is wounding.

How does one describe a female form, a female face, that can be true to the beauty of the woman?

What does one say?  She has blonde hair or brown hair or black hair and this hair may be straight or curly or wavy or whatever.  And she may have high cheek bones and blue eyes.  She may have full lips.  Pink lips.

But none of this ever gets to the beauty of the woman because the beauty precedes the physical... or does it?

The descriptions never come close to describing why the man feels what he does.  And make no mistake, the two are inseparable.

The truth is that I just do not have the talent as a writer... or, perhaps, I am just too cowardly.

Laurie is the most beautiful woman that I have ever known and if I could put her beauty down into words, I would, but it is impossible.

And therefore all you are left with is what you feel in your heart.  And usually when we try to describe what we feel, we fail.  In fact, most of the time that people try to describe what they feel, they fail.

What men need to understand is that women are vulnerable.  I think that sometimes when we look at female beauty we forget this.

But women need to understand that men are vulnerable, as well.

The power of female beauty is remarkable and I do not believe that truly beautiful women even understand their own power... but they are under no such obligation.

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