Monday, December 1, 2014

This is Why We Fight

Michael L.

We argue and we fight and we disagree and we stand up when and where we can because as a minority group we are standing up for this young woman, Dana Bar-on, and her (former?) community, kibbuz Nir Am, near Gaza.

If anyone is interested in what drives my political concerns there is nothing beyond the video below, from a mere four months ago, that explains it better.

Yet this is the first comment beneath this heart-rending video on youtube:
Free Palestine

Crocodile tears. After killing the victim crying. Did you stop killing children then? Of course not but continue. Israel is the greatest threat to world peace.
This is a young Jewish woman who grew up under terrorism and was driven from her home and, yet, what this moron thinks is that her tears are false and that she is responsible for killing children.

It is the same old blood libel and it is recycled today among western-leftists, who also insist that we are immoral if we refuse to support them.

If you want to know what you are fighting for - if you have the heart to stand up - you are fighting for Dana Bar-on and all the young women like her in Israel.


  1. Terror lovers who aren't even 'brave' enough to practice terror are simply the very lowest life form on the planet.

    1. There is not much reason to write anything else, Jay.

      If people are unmoved by Dana Bar-on it means they unmoved by anything that resembles humanity or human decency.

      One might as well be talking to a shark.

    2. Careful. They know we not only talk to sharks, but train them to attack and spy upon our enemies... ;)

      Boars and other such creatures, too!

    3. Btw, it's extremely Non-kosher of me to say so, but I must note that I love wild boar sausage...

    4. You know what, tho.

      There is still the possibility of friendships in unexpected places.

      I am hoping forward.