Sunday, December 28, 2014

The Religion of Peace

Michael L.

In the video below, Paul Weston of the newly formed Liberty GB Party in England skewers Islam as anything but a religion of peace.

Those of you who follow Israel Thrives know that Shirlee and I are discussing the question of whether the problem that we are facing is that of political Islam or, as Shirlee and Weston would have, Islam as a whole.

Essentially Weston's argument is that Islam cannot be a religion of peace when it is so war-like in so many ways.  The Koran, for example, calls for the beheading of the unbeliever.  What kind of "religion of peace" calls to for headchopping people who are not part of the faith?

Furthermore, what kind of "religion of peace" divides the world into Dar al-Islam (the House of Submission) versus Dar al-Harb (The House of War)?  In other words, if Islam is at war with everything non-Islamic, how can it possibly be considered a religion of peace?

Where I differ with Shirlee and Weston is that however one may judge Islam as a whole, the only Muslims who concern me are the ones seeking to shove it down the throats of the rest of us and those screeching to the heavens about the theocratic imperative to slaughter Jews.

People can think whatever horrible thoughts that they like in the privacy of their own homes.  My only gripes are when they insist that all of us must be subject to rule under their particular theology or when they promote violence.

This is particularly true because within Islam Christians and Jews are forced to live under a system of Islamic Supremacism - a system of submission in which the dhimmi is tolerated if he embraces his social inferiority and enacts that inferiority in ways required by the Koran and the Islamic religious authorities.



  1. Mike what you fail to see is that they are shoving it down our throats. You are living in a little cocoon. You are frightening me. You are years behind in your thoughts. Ask Pam, ask Hilary, ask Leon.

    There is a huge problem here now, something those of us who have been following this for years know. That's the wroughting involved in Halal certification, with the money used to fund terrorist activities.
    Belgium is about to approve Sharia law, they have in the UK. In the East End of London which was the Jewish heart of England, if you dare to carry alcohol you will be attacked.

  2. Speaking with a brother-in-law in England ( I have 4) who works in Watford, where the EDL started a few days ago, I was surprised as the last time we discussed Islam was 15 years ago when he was here. We somehow got on to the subject of Muslims. He works with them and has them as customers. He makes says they make no bones about it, they will take over every country, either by violence or breeding us out. The world will be Islamic of that they have no doubt and it's happening at an alarming rate. Clearly you don't follow European and Scandinavian news.

  3. So, because I refuse to condemn the entire Muslim world it means that I am ignorant?

    Got it.

    Thanks, Shirlee.