Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Palestinian rock thrower shot dead in Samaria

Michael L.

rockIsraeli troops on Monday shot and killed a Palestinian who had been throwing rocks at cars on a main road near Tapuach Junction in Samaria.

An IDF spokeswoman said troops shouted at a group of Palestinians throwing rocks to halt and then fired warning shots.

"Once they didn't comply, [the soldiers] responded to the threat with direct fire, wounding one of the attackers," the spokeswoman said, adding that the Israel Defense Forces had opened an investigation into the incident.
I have zero sympathy for rock throwers.

The local Arabs need to be made to understand that if they tolerate, or encourage, rock throwing by their kids then they will pay a major price.

The IDF needs to shoot rock throwers, in their teens or older, in the legs with live fire.  The parents of children who throw rocks need to be placed on trial for something like child neglect.

The terrorists need to understand that each and every time that they throw a rock at a Jew, or a Jewish vehicle on the road, that they risk taking bullets to the leg.  I would train the IDF to be exceedingly aggressive in going after rock throwers.  Once they encounter anyone throwing rocks they should pursue such individuals with guns ablazing.

Israel is in no position to allow an internal enemy population to constantly harass and attempt to kill the Jewish population of that country.

Pelting Jews with rocks has been a long standing Arab-Muslim tradition going back many centuries, but it is now time to put a close to that tradition by vigorously pursuing such people in a meaningful and painful way.

Israel needs to make rock throwing an exceedingly perilous activity among Arab youths.  They need to understand that anytime they engage in such behavior there is an excellent chance that they might lose a leg.

If Israel seriously pursued such a strategy the Arab-Muslim tradition of pelting Jews with rocks would soon come to an ignominious demise.


  1. Tough love would probably work Mike. I suspect Israel could put an end to most all of the crap it endures with a really hard line but the "international community," would have a bird.....unless it was their citizens getting firebombed, stabbed, run over etc.

    Does that "international community," give a hoot about Israeli Jews getting hurt or killed? Well, apparently not since they have reportedly given the Palestinians the 9 UN votes they need to pass their resolution at the security council. Yes, America and GB will likely veto it but the rest think the genocidal bastards deserve a state. Maybe if ISIS kills enough people the wankers will give them a state too.

  2. The problem is image. 'Rocks' are seen as a political gesture by 'innocent children'. One approach is what typically happens in South Africa; someone stands in front of you on the road, tries to carjack you, harm you in any way you run them down in the street where they stand. Let's face the reality of Newtonian physics, shall we? Someone big enough to lift a boulder big enough to kill you is an adult not a child. Run them down and kill them. I would also suggest that cars travel in pairs in certain areas. If one car is attacked with rocks or firebombs then the other car can call for help while it's running down the offenders. And killing them or maiming them. Either one. If running them down's not practical then shoot them from the other car. "Journalists" are usually called out by the PLO to pre stage the event so they're going to capture it. That makes them partners in murder, mayhem and violence and that makes them fair game as well. They love terrorism. Fair enough, give them terrorism.

    Otherwise Israel will let the whole place devolve into something like Rhodesia in the 1970's where people traveled in mine resistant armored vehicles.And trust me that's an even less pretty politically correct picture to defend.

  3. Posted this 2 days ago.
    The ‘Palestinian’ Art of Stone-Throwing.