Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The Europeans are not to be trusted... obviously

Michael L.

Times of Israel staff writes:
The Palestinian Islamic group Hamas must be removed from the EU’s terrorism blacklist, but its assets will stay frozen, a European court ruled on Wednesday.

The move, described by the European Union as a technicality, quickly drew Israeli condemnation and praise from the Gaza-based organization.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called on the EU to return the group to the terror list, saying Israel was “not satisfied with EU’s explanations that taking Hamas off the terror list is a ‘technical matter.'”

“The burden of proof falls on the EU, and we expect it to permanently return Hamas to the list, so everyone will understand that it is an inseparable part of it — Hamas is a murderous terror organization that emphasizes in its charter that its goal is to destroy Israel,” he said in a statement.
Netanyahu is full of mierda. 

The problem is not just that the Hamas charter, and the hearts of hundreds of millions of Arabs, want to see Israel gone, but that it calls quite specifically for the genocide of the Jewish people.  Calling for the genocide of the Jews is apparently not quite enough for the Europeans to consider Hamas a terrorist organization.

Perhaps if they called for the genocide of the Jews twice, that might be sufficient.

Or it could be that if Hamas called for the genocide of the Jews and they really, really meant it that might be sufficient to convince the Europeans that Hamas really, really is a terrorist organization.

What the Powers That Be across the globe are telling us is this:
They do not care.
We need to absorb this truth, integrate it, and understand it.

They honestly do not care if we live or die.  If you believe that the American government, or the Australian government, or the Canadian government, or any of the European governments, give a damn about the well-being of the Jewish people, you should very definitely think again.

The Jews can only count on themselves... and even that is not true most of the time.


  1. "They honestly do not care if we live or die. If you believe that the American government, or the Australian government, or the Canadian government, or any of the European governments, give a damn about the well-being of the Jewish people, you should very definitely think again."

    This is a rather sweeping statement. I don't think I totally agree. But I do agree that the Jews can only count on themselves in the final analysis. This should be the M.O. of any independent people, i.e., you can have friends, and those friends may care, and those friends may even come to your defense, but in the end you can only really count on yourselves. The more one depends on the goodwill of strangers, the less independence one has, and the more likely one will be disappointed.

    1. Some truths are sweeping, tho, Jeff.

      I suppose that I feel a need to move away from nice feeling falsehoods.

      Y'know, friends are starting to tell me that I harp too much on the Left and they're probably correct, but I simply see no way around it.

      How does one discuss politics without reference to political categories?

      I do not see how it is possible, thus I will continue to bang around the Left because it is from the Left that we are finding the current significant examples of both racism and veiled anti-Semitism.

      The Jewish people and the State of Israel definitely have friends, however.

      Millions and millions of friends all around the world, but those who are not business or technological partners tend to be ideological friends, such as Evangelical Christians.

      And, yet, most diaspora Jews despise the Evangelicals because we tend to see them as backward, as opposing Gay rights and women's rights and the rights of ethnic minorities in the United States.

      At the same time, however, we will stand up for the dignity of the Muslim community despite the fact that their record on Gay rights and women's rights, and so forth, are even more vile than that of the Evangelical community.

      At least the Evangelicals are friends of Israel, which is far more than one can say for the Muslim community, as a whole, but that's a sweeping statement, as well, isn't it?

      Well, sometimes sweeping statements have to stand, my man.

    2. I think the Left richly deserves to be banged around. Keep banging, early, often, and hard for all the reasons you have stated. You are right and they are wrong. I was raised on the East Coast in a very liberal household. One of the lessons passed on to me was to always be wary of two things, i.e., the herd mentality, and charismatic leaders. My own disenchantment with the left dates to 25 years of first hand experience in the SF Bay Area (graduated UC Berkeley) where I became aware, quite gradually, that bigotry is not the exclusive province of the political right. I first discovered your writing at EoZ and it truly resonated with me. One can see me Sunday mornings, a cup of coffee in one hand, eagerly anticipating your next column.
      Generally speaking my experience with the political left out there consisted of people who swore up and down of their abiding faith in democracy and yet had no faith in people who might disagree with any of their positions to be up to the task of participating in democracy. What does that say?
      I voted for Obama once and with great reservations. Unfortunately, my fears were born out, and I don't think it's over. I think he is both extremely ideological and deceitful. I think were he not in the White House the media coverage of this past summer's war between democratic Israel and Islamo-supremacist, genocidally antisemitic Hamas might well not have been so unspeakably and outrageously biased.
      Pardon me for the disorganized rant.