Sunday, December 14, 2014

Hostages Taken In Heart Of Sydney CBD

From Uncommon Sense

Probable Muslim terror attack in Sydney CBD underway right now - Mon morning 15 December

Martin Place, Lindt café, Sydney.

A number of hostages (possibly about 20) have been taken in a siege in Sydney's CBD.

At least three people can be seen through the windows of a cafe in Martin Place with their hands raised.

An Islamic flag has also been seen hanging in the window of the Lindt Chocolat Cafe.

Witnesses have reported hearing loud bangs that sounded like gun shots.

One block of Martin Place has been cordoned off between Elizabeth Street and Phillip Street.

Dozens of police cars are at the scene and one police officer has drawn his gun.

Police have urged members of the public to avoid the area.

Let us hope and pray for a safe resolution. Maybe this will wake up our apathetic general public ...

A screengrab apparently showing a jihadi flag being flown inside the Lindt Chocolat Cafe.

Muslim terror event now going for just over 3 hours.

Note: Mobile phone services have been shut down in part of Sydney CBD. So you may have difficulty reaching places/people.

Lindt Australia CEO Steve Loane said he believes there are 40 to 50 people inside the cafe, including customers and staff.
Other reports are suggesting there may only be 13 hostages.
Central CBD closed. Trains not stopping at Martin Place.
Hostages were seen holding the flag, which has white text that says: "There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is the messenger of God." 


Dozens of heavily-armed police officers wearing protective clothing and helmets have taken up positions in the area with guns drawn.

Witnesses have reported hearing loud bangs that sounded like gun shots.

end of  Uncommon Sense report. 



From press conference with NSW Premier and Police Commissioner  2 00 pm

There is at least one gunman and heavily armed. If there were gunshots there was no mention of this.

The number of hostages is described as "undisclosed" . I don't think they have any idea. This is an up market coffee shop in the middle of the financial district and it would be peak business. I saw an estimate from the business owner of a number that is scary.

There has been no "direct" contact and therefore any demands are unknown. 

Get this. . A journalist at the conference asked "there's a flag with white writing being held at the window by a hostage. What does it signify?"

Police Commissioner (breaking into a sweat and changing colour) says something like

"We do not know at this point the nature of this and our experts are working on it."

The Premier had just reassured us that the Police are all over this, thoroughly trained and the "best in the world". 


  1. I am getting a little tired of this kind of thing.

    My heart and prayers go to the victims and their families in Australia.and I very much hope that the Australian government has the political will to speak the truth on such matters.

  2. The conservative sites are good reading .

    A near complete news blackout here. There could be three terrorists but I'm getting more info from UK and NZ news sites than Australian.

    There was a plot to behead a kaffur at random, film and broadcast covered in this flag at this place that was intercepted by authorities after national raids on Jihadist rings.

    This cafe is opposite Channel 7. Live feeds have been closed for hours. There is a report that a a radio announcer refused to accept a call from one of the terrorist or broadcast what was demanded.

    One report is that one terrorist has a machete.

    This could end ugly.

  3. Well Lindt I don't think is Kosher so if he's looking to shahid some observant Jews he screwed up.

    From Foxnews (US):

    The suspected jihadist holding up to 15 people hostage in a Sydney cafe is an Iranian facing murder and sex assault charges who is also known for sending hate mail to the families of Australian soldiers killed overseas, police confirmed.

    (MSNBC is overwrought with pain and grief over how he was welcomed into Australia as a 'refugee' and now "this, has happened" apparently it's Australia's fault for driving him to such as flamboyant act) -

  4. The terrorist was out on bail following 47 charges of sexual assault - and his 'refugee status wasn't being reviewed.

  5. Derpa derpa.

    "Sydney Siege Flag Examined For Terror Clues

    A banner held up by hostages in a Sydney cafe is examined for clues as to what has motivated the hostage-taking.

    A black flag bearing Arabic script held up at a cafe in central Sydney has become the subject of worldwide scrutiny for the clues it might yield to the motivation behind the hostage-taking."

    I could tell them but I don't wanna be a knowitall. ;)

  6. At least two dead hostages.

    Australia is a different place this morning.

    1. He'd been allowed to do his thing for 18 years there. Sometimes we just have to wave at the sinking ship and wish everyone good luck and godspeed.

    2. A different place, Geoff?

      Will you speak to that?

      How so?

    3. Hi Mike, Australians,are not used to this type of thing. Sure Australians have been among targets of terrorists , Bali, Bali again, 9/11 for that matter but it has always been not here.

      People will get technical about a bombing or two but this is the first time there has been a politically motivated attack on a random group of people on Australian soil (if you aside the native people massacres I guess)

      Anyway, there's no folk memory for this. Those images of the girls who escaped, that hateful black evil flag being held up by terrified people on rotation behind the Merry Christmas sign, the monster itself behind the girl at the window, these images will sear here.

      People are angry. White hot angry. Australians seem to think that everybody loves them and that adds to the psychic shock.

      Check out some of the comments over the course of this thing at this Centre Right site

      They are angry with this whole filthy Islam thing and many no longer care what words they use.

      And to top it off, the perp turns out to be that mad prick who sent letters to the families of troops killed in Afghanistan. Everybody remember him.

      What I didn't know is that he was out on bail on murder charges and that he had had a string of sex offences so long it would impress ISIS among a town of captured Christians in Iraq.

      Welcome to free, open and generous Australia. Where even foreign, hateful, repulsively ungrateful, politically dangerous rapists have their rights.

      Sorry. That was yesterday. That is the first thing that has changed for good around here as of this morning. You can count it.

      There are others I can think of. There is a strong denialism in the political Left about Islam and terrorism and the extent of the issue. Here is a classic example of the genre that I couldn't resist.

      That debate, such as it was, has changed forever.

      Even before I knew the outcome of the siege, I posted this, at NM for its proprietor
      Chris Graham many thanks for your predictions about the Sydney siege on Opinion post but I can't let you get away without a couple of predictions of mine and this thread is related

      No matter what, the Left will do everything possible to confuse, obfuscate , marginalize , downplay and avoid facing the consequences of this terrorist outrage.
      The Left will blame "us" for it. Some how it's our fault. US policy. Taking the war on ISIS seriously. marginalized youth, Israel of course. I'll lay odds on the first sighting of "it's all Israel's fault"
      The Left will ignore utterly that they were warned this will happen. How does that pin prick post look now?
      And I agree entirely with you and hope and pray that the blood on the finger is the same in the morning

    4. Part of the power of the imagery is the background. Martin Place. I worked within two blocks of Martin Place. We all did. It's as familiar as the twin tours.

      I read somewhere years ago that the power of the Olympic torch passing through town is the contrast of the extraordinary against a background of the intensively familiar. The heroic set off by the ordinary.

      If this had happened in a warehouse in Western Sydney it would take three days for someone to notice.

    5. That was in response to this

      See what I mean about denialism.?

      While those poor people were still huddled in the dark in mortal fear for their lives, with excellent reason as it turned out, the proprietor finds time to write a "we all need to stand beside the Muslims in solidarity in their hour of need " piece

    6. I suppose he had to write something

    7. We need to be clear about one very simple fact.

      Radical Islam is a widespread political movement throughout the Muslim world, including Australia.

      This movement is essentially hostile to the west and considers all non-Muslim westerners to be legitimate targets.

      This particular individual - crazy as he may have been - represented one individual motivated by the larger ideology and movement.

      Until such a time as the western powers finally agree that they are at war with those who are at war with us, we can never act effectively and, therefore, more Australian kids and Euro kids and Israeli kids, if not American kids, will get guns shoved in the faces for no other reason than that they are not Islamic.

  7. Absolutely

    The fact that he was a lone wolf is the last reason to be complacent. Denialists here are playing the "madman" angle for everything it is worth.

    It is they who are mad. This is a calculated strategy of the enemy. Focus on the lone lunatic. Take no account of the ideology that drove him and a thousand others.

  8. Having said that, this guy does appear to be at the extreme end.

    What does it take?