Friday, March 20, 2015



  1. Is it April 6th, yet? I have to figure out which Phillies game to go to this year. Probably one of the late June week night games against Milwaukee. By then, we should be 29-47 or so, and maybe they'll be paying us to go to the games!

    It's something to do until next Fall's Eagles Super Bowl run, at least...

    1. No, but it's March 22 tomorrow, and Manchester United are playing Liverpool Away at Anfield.
      MU and Liverpool are both desperate for the points. They both are fighting to finish the season in the top 4. That way they qualify for the Champion's League.
      And they have one of the fiercest rivalries in English football.
      These are serious times...

    2. The world needs to just decide on one sport to play, with which all international disputes will be settled.

      I'd be okay with soccer (sorry, English football!) being that sport, if even though I don't understand much of it. I'd quickly learn in the interest of advancing world peace, however.

      Soccer is big out in Portland, Oregon, and when I lived out there I remember a Bosnian soccer bar opening up just before I moved back east a few years ago. Was probably one of the most anticipated openings of anything while I was out there. And Portland is a huge food / restaurant city. I never went, but I love the fact that they opened at 7 AM (US Pacific time) on weekends for the start of the European games, and people were drunk by 7:30.

      Made me feel a little better about myself, as I used to start drinking at 9 AM on Saturdays out there, when the East Coast college (US) football games kicked off.

      While I was out there I briefly lived a few blocks away from Marathon Taverna, which was the home bar of Portland's MLS supporters group, the Timbers Army, right across Burnside Street from the stadium. Fun times when Seattle came to town, though you certainly didn't want to be wearing Seattle's colors anywhere near that particular bar on those days.

      Our MLS team here in Philadelphia is sort of the odd-man-out on the local scene, playing (mostly) down in Chester, about 15 miles south of us. They seem to have a decent following for a new-ish (2010) team, but I'm pretty sure they're pretty bad at the moment.

      With the exception of our American football team, the Eagles, these are not good times for Philadelphia sports.

    3. My brother has long held the opinion that football ( English) could advance world peace. This could be the way forward.
      Well, nothing else seems to work.

      He's also a big fan of NFL.

      I'm afraid I have never been able to get into American football. I am, perhaps, too dumb.

      I sympathise about the state of Philadelphia sports.

      In England people are fanatical about their club sides. ( Often teams they live nowhere near to. ) And our national teams; football, cricket etc are relentlessly dismal.

      During last years world cup- from Brazil- many people here managed to be rather drunk a great deal of the time. There was something of a party atmosphere. Specially after England fell out of the tournament. Which was very early on.
      As usual.